Front Page Advertising for Brave (Date TBD)

Dime here, Hodler of Doodles from Day One, Seller of Doodles since day None.

I am proposing a marketing expenditure to promote and expand the Doodle Brand. We have a lot of exciting events upcoming that we can leverage to get people in and out of the NFT industry interested.

We need to find a way to promote an exciting event(Space Launch, Austin Trip, Other 2022 event) to millions of people. This will allow us to get people excited about what Doodle’s has to offer. We will want this to draw attention to a broad audience. It needs to gather their interest so they want to learn more about Doodle’s Brand. Sounds straight forward enough, right?

We need to be conservative in the Advertising approach though. It has to hit the target audience and be within the DoodleBank budget. No I am not proposing a Super Bowl commercial.

Instead, I believe Doodle’s taking over Brave’s homepage for One Day to promote the specific event will generate excitement and interest in our Brand.

What is Brave?

Brave is a Crypto Built Browser that protects User’s privacy while blocking ads. They have over 50MM current users. Their current user base are a majority of young and tech savvy users. They have partnered with Major Companies to do similar events, think Verizon, Amazon, Motley Fool, etc. The most recent one was Nouns Dao.

The Nouns DAO marketing take over generated a total of 12.2 million ad impressions, 141,646 clicks, and 71,027 visits. This resulted in a page view increase from the low hundreds to 200,000+ views on that day. HUGE. If you want to read more ( Nouns DAO and Brave: Engaging with the Web3 community to champion transparency and decentralized collaboration | Brave Browser )

Our Community will be able to vote on the event, the image to be used, and create an advertisement that will show the benefits of being a Doodle holder to the world. We would display this on Brave’s homepage for their Millions of users to see. It would be the first page they are brought to that day. See below for a sample of what this homepage take over looks like.

Now imagine how great a Doodle image would look…

Cost of this one day take over is TBD. Advertising is not cheap, I would expect this to be 25E+.

Thoughts? Looking forward to this discussion.


I think this could be a good expense if it’s done properly. There’s two considerations that I have:

  1. The Doodles website should first be updated to include information that non-NFT enthusiasts may be interested in such as Doodles sponsored pop-ups or non-exclusive merchandise. Timing is key - this kind of market takeover should have a specific intention for generating traffic to our brand.

  2. Due to the first point, I think that an advertising campaign like this may be better suited as part of a more comprehensive proposal (something like the one tulip just published for sxsw and NFT Land). I think it’ll be tough to get enough participation through the Doodlebank as a stand alone proposal.

Definitely interested in the idea and think the outreach would benefit us if done properly, though. I appreciate the time and research into this idea.

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