Full Body Doodle Avatars NFT Collection

Hey Doods!

After working on the derivative collection [Club 3Doodz], I would like to propose the first full-body, game ready doodle derivative project for use in VRChat and Unreal engine.

At this moment in time we are considering 3 possible artistic routes…

  1. A collection of full figure avatars with metaverse/VR/AR compatibility with all the relevant downloadable files (for use in VRchat, Unreal engine, Unity et al)

  2. A collection of generative, still, full body 3d renders, with the variable doodle traits and rarities

  3. A collection of animated gif/video loops (as per Club 3Doodz), using full figure doodles.

There is also the topic of distribution to consider…

-Short run (eg between 100-1000) in order to maintain exclusivity

-Distributed via raffle or auction or WL or combination

-A 3d version of the holders/winners/buyers owned Doodle vs. Make the collection in advance and distribute randomly (thus distributing rarity all over again)

-Full 10k collection, claimable for every holder

I’d like to open the discussion, with the input of the Doodles fam, to work out the optimal course of action in order to realise a collection, whatever size that may be, of these full body models. Any input and comments welcome, particularly around the game-ready avatars. In addition to an agreed percentage of mint profits going to the treasury, any suggestions on further benefits we can supply to doodle holders welcome.


Nice works out in the wild @S4acre ! The Mr dood you have there is pretty cute and like the 4 finger detail.

2 cents: I’ve always imagined 3d doodles to be cel-shaded 3d models (also flatter, less shadows) closer to the burnt toast art-style as opposed to a ‘3D’ 3d look.

Regarding the approach: I think a non-dilutive approach: similar to how the team thinks about 1st party releases.

You can use the 3d avatar of your dood, downloadable from the doodles website after it verifies ownership. Hence 3d avatars should be a non-dilutive 1st party release rather than a sanctioned derivative or sub-collection.

Prior to 3d avatars, we need the team’s animation and lore to be in place as that would affect the walk cycle, rigging + all the little details (like how poopie cat moves).

I’m not experienced with metaverses, but I suppose a doodle I can use in decentraland might make me actually want to use those platforms!

IMO, the only official NFT collections I see in the doodleworld are doods (no change to the 10k) + doodleworld objects (coffee mug, tree, etc)


Thank you for your comments @ayhth. I Really love your idea of it not actually being a collection but having it downloadable from the doodles website after ownership is verified. However, this would require the doodles team to be a lot more involved.

The cel shaded look is definitely an option, thanks for suggesting. If others are interested I can mock up a cel shaded version for comparison.

Regarding the animation style, this is not something that needs to be considered with these models for two of the proposals. The avatars are rigged, so they then respond to either the users movements (VRchat) or game play. Think of them like 3d pfps. However, yes, agreed, if we decide to go with a collection of animated figures they will need to be in line with Alfie’s animation style.


Good point. Looking forward to seeing a cel-shaded version!

Love the work and keep at it!


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That is just awesome
I am speechless
Great work