Gallery x Doodles Partnership - Free Membership Cards for Doodle Holders

In exchange for light co-promotion, the Gallery team will allowlist Doodle Holders so they can claim free (plus gas) membership cards that allow access to the Gallery platform.

Gallery is a leading NFT curation platform that enables collectors to showcase their owned art. The platform is currently only available to those who hold Membership cards, as the team has been onboarding users to their platform in as intentional of a way as possible. I have been advising the Gallery team and floated the idea of a Doodle partnership, to which they expressed excitement and interest.

Example of my personal Gallery: Gallery

Other communities that Gallery has partnered with in the past include:

  • FWB
  • Crypto Coven
  • Poolsuite
  • FlamingoDAO
  • Bright Moments

Note: Gallery Membership cards can be bought/sold, and their general membership tier currently trades at a floor price of .038 ETH at time of writing. Doodle Holders who claim their membership card could opt to list on the open market if so desired.

With this partnership, we will provide a way for Doodle holders to showcase their Doodles (or Space doodles!) and other NFTs they own in a simple, creative way.

~4 weeks, subject to change based on Gallery team


  • No treasury capital from Doodlebank required
  • Co-promotion asks from Gallery:
    • Discord announcement
    • Twitter announcement