Get sushi a doodle!

Sushi is part of our community and she has done so much for doodle holders by making edits of over 100 doodles. And she’s done this for free. She is someone who represents doodles morals and values. Is there anything we can do to help her?

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I’m here for it too. She deserves a doodle

There a several doods including Edmund, ruggles and probably more who have been helping doods.

We should encouraging tipping instead since the benefits are unevenly distributed and it’s a good practice for those who’ve received the benefits.

Perhaps a community tip jar cofunded by doodlebank and us. @Wyatt

Also: consider recognition: example champion role or artist role or contributor role in discord

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yeah i think a communtity tip jar for these kind of things is great, people like ruggles will make new doods wallpapers etc without them having to ask. another person whos goal is to buy a doodle thru derivatives is the super talented zimaty the 3d artist.

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An incentive program is in the works for doodlebank-active contributors, seeing it expand into a community tip jar would be cool to see