Going Mainstream via Event Sponsorship

“Doodles’ vision is to bring the joy of NFT’s to millions of households worldwide. :rainbow:
To do this we need to bring the Doodles into the mainstream and foster advocacy among our passionate collectors”.



  • Doodles’ Vision and United Way of Miami’s Mission, “building community by helping people care for one another”, go hand-in-hand :handshake:

  • Provides an opportunity for a Doodle ambassador/representative to speak at the event if Doodles chooses that option. This action supports our goal of bringing Doodles into the mainstream by sharing who we are with an audience who may not know what Doodles is. :speaking_head:

  • Allows Doodles to develop goodwill with the City of Miami which would benefit us since Doodles is hiring for positions in Miami. :smiley:

  • Provides an established platform for Doodles’ collectors to network and, if done well, creates a replicable philanthropic model for other cities where United Way is involved (CA, IL, MN, TX, WA, etc.) at a low investment of capital.

Moving Forward

  • Reflect and discuss below whether event sponsorship of a community non-profit, like United Way of Miami, would advance our Mission.

  • Discuss whether the return on investment of an IRL event with United Way is a net positive, net neutral, or net negative.

Goal / Ask*
Total Ask: 3 - 5 ETH

  • In return, Doodles will be recognized publicly in United Way of Miami’s marketing materials (e-mails, social media posts, banners, etc.) and publically at an event. Doodles may opt in or out of having a Doodles representative speak at the event.

Edit: included a link to United Way of Miami’s “Donate with Bitpay” page.