Hire a Head of Communications

I will keep this short, sweet, and to the point. Consistent communication has been a challenge since inception. However, although it may currently be a weak link in the chain, filling a need can drive tremendous value back to the brand and community.

My proposal for support:
Appropriate Doodlebank funds to hire a full time, dedicated Head of Communications for Doodles

Role responsibilities would/could include:
-Hosting Twitter Spaces (biweekly/weekly) with regular appearances from Doodles team members
-Managing and delivering content to Doodles social channels to drum up engagement
-Curating and organizing topic discussions on current events within the web3/crypto/NFT ecosystem and AMAs with members of the community
-Feel free to add or subtract to this list in the comments below

I love forward to starting a discussion on how we can improve the future of Doodles as collectors, supporters and fans.


would be a great addition!

I think this is a great idea.

Is there a snapshot for this already? I’m all in for this.

Great suggestion thanks!

100% agree. there was a lot more from nft nyc that could have been communicated both to holders and non-holders about what was going down. it also can be a point of contact for media — right now I believe they’re using an agency (not entirely sure). i understand not wanting to overshare and staying true to underpromising, but tweets don’t have to be about that. they can be fun, engaging, and allow us to see more doodles across our timeline. plus, probably lots of communication pros across our community. huge +1 on this.

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Yeah definitely a good idea and frankly weekly might even be too often.

I’d love a monthly round up of the high-level happenings, meetings, and projects in development. I’m sure the team needs to tread carefully with details, NDAs, etc. but whatever breadcrumbs that can be teased to let the community know things are in motion.

The OG doodlers from the early days have lots of faith in the team and know big things are coming long-term, but for newcomers that are on the fence about doodles, these types of updates would likely be the encouragement they need.

Could definitely provide value

I think this is a great idea and much needed for the Doodles community. There is an overall outcry by the community to have more engagement and receive updates about the Doodles ecosystem. Having someone responsible for that role would be amazing.

We definitely need a bigger Twitter presence from the Doodles account.

There is also an incredible opportunity to continue to establish Doodles brand within the existing NFT community of folks who don’t yet hold doodles.

Then you have your regular marketing stuff of communication via various channels (trad media, etc), SEO/SEM, analytics, engagement, etc. This should be considered in hiring as well.


agree. comms is lacking atm :frowning: