Hire a Livestream Production Team for the next Doodles Experience

I’d like to propose that the Doodles team hires a team to host a Livestream showcasing Doodles updates that the team reveals during limited access live events, such as NFT NYC.

This would increase Doodles exposure to those outside the community as-well as provide accessibility to information for existing holders.

1. Hire a broadcast team to livestream panels from the Doodles team:

  • Allocate funds from the DoodleBank to contract a team that can expand the accessibility of information that comes from the Doodles team during a limited-access live event.

2. Creates accessibility of information to holders:

  • Allows Doodle holders access to updates in real time.

3.Creates accessibility of information to NFT participants outside of the Doodles ecosystem:

  • Allows people potentially interested to learn more about the future of Doodles live as information is released.


  • Information revealed during the live events becomes fragmented and unclear because of the lack of access.
  • During the last Doodles event holders only had one option for live information, an Instagram Live hosted by a community member in attendance.


  • Flexible depending on quality.
  • Most holders would be happy even with just a Twitch livestream and no extra production to the livestream.
  • To attract outside attention a higher budget broadcasting company could be used, with multiple camera angles, custom graphics, etc.

Absolutely support this proposal. I loved livestraming NFT NYC for all my fellow Doods and I felt how excited they were. That excitement and anticipation made all the technical glitches that much more frustrating. We ended up with 500+ people watching and for over a week, my stream was the only recording available.

Especially when there’s going to be significantly material information shared, I absolutely agree that there should be plans to Livestream it. Not only the Doodles community but also everyone that wants to be a part of it.

Even if it’s not a full production company (those can get very pricey especially at big events like SXSW) I think there should be plans for someone with private wifi (not public or cell as it gets too crowded) and a good camera to Livestream the events. Perhaps this could be part of a future comms manager or social media manager role? If not, I’ll happy to apply for the Community Livestreamer role. :heart:

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Youve got my support dood


Excellent proposal. You have my support!

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