Holiday Doods (Holiday-themed Derivatives by @TaylorsMight)

Holiday Doods

Hey Doodlers! Holiday Doods is a derivative project created by @Taylorsmight, and I (Jeff) am helping with the logistics, coordination, and launch of the project!

About us:

Taylor and I met recently in the Doodles discord. We don’t know each other in real life, but we decided to team up to make this idea a reality! We both want what’s best for the original Doodles project, and hope that we can make a positive impact in the community, as well as contribute by helping aid in the reach of the Doodle’s project, and the growth of the Doodle Bank through awesome derivative pieces! When Taylor shared his derivative work in the Doodles Discord, there was a good level of support, and we decided to take the next step of submitting a proposal to the Doodle Bank! With similar primary goals of supporting the Doodle Bank, we decided to team up to make this derivative project idea a reality!

With the holiday season just around the corner, we thought ‘what better way to celebrate than with HOLIDAY DOODS!’ Holiday Doods are a derivative art project paying homage to doodles, with unique new traits corresponding to the traits of your original doodle! Below are a few examples that Taylor has created already! Each Holiday Dood will be a custom 1/1 created by Taylor!



Our primary goal of this project is to provide an amazing holiday-themed derivative piece to Doodle holders, while also finding a way for us to do our part in supporting the project we all love, Doodles! As doodle holders ourselves, our primary objective is to support the doodle bank and the overarching doodle community as best we can, while also providing an amazing derivative piece to those that want one! To do this, we’d like to propose offering 50% of auction sales straight to the doodle bank, while using the other 50% to:

  • Cover costs of mints & project deployment
  • BUY MORE DOODLES. Taylor and I both agree that we’d rather be “paid” in Doodles and have committed to using whatever funds are left to grow our doodles collections, further supporting the original project.
  • We would be supportive of putting a hard cap on the Eth amount that Taylor and I receive. We primarily just want to find a way to “do our part” in supporting the Doodle Bank as best we can and think that this derivative project is a great way to start!

We would also like to set aside 10% of the mint passes for giveaways to 10 lucky Doodlers! We haven’t ironed out the details of this yet, but would like to reward the Doodles community as thanks for their support!


Our biggest weakness will be development and smart contract work to ensure the Doodle Bank is immutably going to receive 50% of all auction proceeds. We would be more than happy to work with the Doodles team to set this up and want to do whatever it takes to make this project happen with full support from Doodlers! Taylor is already fully doxxed on Twitter - @TaylorsMight, and I will gladly dox myself for the purpose of transparency!

Launch Process:

We think the best way to go about this would be to auction off 90 mint passes, which will represent your 1/1 Holiday Dood pass. Upon finishing each of the unique 1/1s, we would change the MetaData on each mint pass to represent your unique 1/1 Holiday Dood!

Final Thoughts:

Ultimately, we want to hear YOUR thoughts on Holiday Doods, and gather some suggestions and potential improvements that we could make to our proposal to gain the approval of the Doodle founders, and Doodlers alike! We are 100% receptive to community suggestions and potential changes to our proposal, and do want to re-iterate that our PRIMARY goal in this project is to support the reach of Doodles, and the growth of the Doodle Bank!


I love this concept, especially the lower count will make these more of a commodity, not diluting the main Doodles. It will also give a fun and festive commodity to dedicated Doodles who want to get into the spirit. I look forward to see where this goes!


+1 support for this. Been eyeing your holiday doods on Twitter :wink:


  1. Craft approach, small run.
  2. Supporting Doodlebank.

Do you guys see this as a recurring series and going beyond the year-end festives?


Thank you!! Your support means a lot to us! :slight_smile:

We talked this over, and decided that “Holiday Doods” can be applied to ANY holidays throughout the year, and are very receptive to the idea of continuing to create limited-edition derivative pieces pertaining to various holidays – allowing us to continue to support the Doodle bank, and keep on creating awesome pieces of art!

In contrast to unofficial doodrivative projects, the art style here is exactly the same with new assets and modifications. Good to get this following points cleared before proceeding:

  1. Since there’s monetization involved, it’ll be good to get the blessings and input of the team on use of the burnt toast art style.

  2. Possibilities:

  • Yes, okay with monetization (or with modifications).
  • Yes, but no monetization, reward for contribution in other ways.
  • No, but contribute talent as a part-time / freelancer to Doodles LLC.
  • No, holiday doods remains a fan art project.

I’ll put this reminder here again. I’m not a Doodles team member nor one of the founders. :grin:


Thank you again for the input! This was one thing that we weren’t sure if we’d be allowed to use, but figured a preliminary proposal to hear what the community thinks and gather suggestions would be a good thing to do.
I did reach out to one of the team’s founders to ask questions, hoping to discuss the topic with them further! We’re entirely receptive to any and all suggestions and requirements from the original project’s founders, even if that means no direct monetization of the collection for us. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Oh! I do love the Xmas skin! Is it a seasonal project/drop/event or just drop once?

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Hey @JRTOHOKU , thanks for the kind words!

If there is a general consensus that people like the holiday-themed derivatives, AND we’re given the blessing of the Doodles team and community, we’d be happy to continue to create more holiday-themed Doods throughout the year!


Been following you guys on Twitter…

Still like my name of Holidoodles! :slight_smile:

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I want it NOW!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :christmas_tree: :gift:


For discussion:

Let’s assume a doodles animation series or metaverse happens. It’s reasonable to imagine holiday themed characters as a part of the world IP. Potentially even airdropped collections to holders or new official collections that could be launched in the future.

If these are possibilities, what would be the best approach for projects like holiday doods that bear the same art style?

Let’s hear some views.

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So, I didn’t know this existed when I submitted this proposal: Terms of Service

Section 4 makes it pretty clear that we can’t create these and make money off of them.
So, jumping back to your previous comment, I think this project could still exist if we were rewarded for our contribution in another way (community doodle wallet) :wink:

We’d need to figure out a new way to do distribution and selecting the 100 people who want a holiday dood, unless the team likes the initial idea we presented of auctions. My initial thoughts are:

  • All initial proceeds and royalties will go to the doodle bank

  • Could allow the founders to decide how winners of Holiday Doods are selected. Free with raffle-type system? or paid set price? Auction? split this in some way?

  • Ideally, contract deployment and upfront costs are covered, but if that’s not doable, I’m sure we can work something out :slight_smile: I like the doodles!

My honest opinion: I’m not totally sure that an auction of 100 pieces is the way to go. Maybe a set price with a max of 100 might be better, with a time limit on the mint too, so there’s a limited window where you can claim a Holiday Dood pass (which would get you your custom 1/1 upon reveal). We can set some aside for giveaways, but of those that are unminted at the end of the time period, we can just burn them. Would increase rarity of your ‘edition 1’ Holiday Dood if only 40 people wanted one now, and say 250 people want one when edition 2 rolls around!

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Could we make them into holiday cards, with doods on the cover? The Holidoodles Cards could still be NFTs, but because they are in card format, would help illustrate that they are a different project.

Ofc, we’d also have to get Doodles out of the name as well.