Incentivized Voting

Temporary market spend on merch to reward voter engagement.


  1. Create POAPs to reward participation:

· Use existing assets (Doodles LLC owned) or one-off from Burnt Toast as content for POAPs/merch.
· Create reward system (example: 25 POAPs = sticker, 50 POAPs = keychain, 100 POAPs = hat, 150 POAPs = t-shirt, 300 POAPs = hoodie).
· Inform community, begin distribution of POAPs.
· Reward every vote with POAPs (incentivizing acquisition of additional doodles).

  1. Produce merch to exchange for collected POAPs:

· Investigate/secure printer for merch, method of merch distribution.
· Create initial batch of merch based on expected timeline for stickers/keychains for up to 50% participation.
· Create initial batch of merch based on expected timeline for hats/t-shirts/hoodies for up to 50% participation.
· Adjust merch production as necessary based on increased voter engagement/proposals/treasury.

We need to raise voter turnout above 15% (of votes, let alone actual wallets). By increasing voter participation, we can fast track founders’ vision/increase treasury/create additional resources for proposals beyond the build-out of the Doodleverse.

Timeline: December 2021 – February 2022, depending on efficacy/viability

Budget: Stacks


What about instead of free merch the only way to buy merch is to participate in the voting?


Great idea and much less outlay from the treasury! Although how does that continue to incentivize for the long run?


more merch designs!
Or maybe to get access to the merch store you have to hit a threshold then after that point you can earn free merch


Building on others’ ideas… X POAPs get you access to purchase exclusive merch. For every Y POAPs you have, you get a free low cost item (ie sticker) shipped with the merch you purchase.


Sounds good. Maybe we could even put a larger share of merch profits into the treasury than what goes in from secondary sales of Doodles.

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Nice! This way everyone wins.

Any thoughts on what kind of voting turnout we’d be looking to target? That could help determine how we incentivize. Obviously at least a quorum, based on the size of the ask. But probably better to aim higher.

I’m leaning more towards using voting to accumulate credits for purchase, while also making the merch generally available. Physical merch should not be rare in order to act as a marketing item, and in terms of cost, making larger quantities would be easier / more economic than making only for a subset of holders.


Very good point on the ability to cut costs with quantity

Great idea! Another thoughtstarter.

High-level participation can be rewarded by having their doodles as part of a merch piece and get a modest royalty. Doesn’t have to be a big run of merchandise. But good to increase the value / exposure of the doods that people own for participation.


Wow, great idea!! That’s an excellent incentive.

Thanks for raising this @LedroitTiger ! This is an important discussion.

  1. Like the use of POAP.

  2. Would like to discuss alternatives to merch because time to manage process & use of funds for merch may complicate things. However, I agree merch IS very attractive as a reward and would love some of that swag.

Possible alternatives

  1. Roles on discord: ‘Active’ role (name tbc… need @Bitty 's genius) . Threshold for active role increases as more accumulate POAP.
  2. POAP → chances for raffling inventory doods.
  3. Doodrivative projects → priority slots for > N of POAP (similar to how DeFi projects incentivize governance participants and stakers)
  4. @samuel-forrest suggested accessories for flexing in metaverse.

Thanks @ayhth! These are some nice suggestions on alternatives to merch. It seems like most people are interested in the POAP rewards for voting - everyone loves collecting them and they are pretty easy to put together and distribute, and cost virtually nothing. I agree that what is traded in for the POAPs is the more difficult decision in terms of cost and time. These ideas could overcome those challenges. Cheers!

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I really like this idea. The future of Doodle bank and this project rides on participation fo each doodle and we need to bring more awareness to the importance to participate and vote. And rewarding people for voting will not bring more awareness to this system but it also sounds fun!


I think if an effective education campaign can be launched, that would be sufficient. However, the more unique owners we have, the more diluted the interest in the voting component becomes.

This proposal was, in part, a way of working towards an incentive that doesn’t cost much in funds or time. I think a lot of people like the idea of a DAO in theory, but don’t want to be responsible for helping to run it. At the very least, they have to feel like they are a part of something and that by voting they will reap the rewards in the long run. Our brains don’t work that way though. We’d rather have something now, even if it’s less valuable than what it could be a year from now.

I agree 100% that awareness of the system is important and I think there can be a happy medium reached!!

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I’m a big fan of your alternative POAP options since there would be less friction to implement and we could see an immediate uptick in participation. Physical merch could definitely be added in over time to add some additional depth for this incentive system.

I also want to second what @LedroitTiger mentioned to educate new doodle holders. Seems like we could add another layer during the discord verification process? That would leverage the common steps that people follow after purchasing a new NFT. I’m not that proficient in discord but I’m thinking of something along the lines of having a welcome to doodle verified message that prompts new users to our forum and snapshot and provide an initial incentive for doing so. Grab their attention at the very start and hopefully build from there.


Merch is important also collabs in the physical world on big mega events like Bitcoin 2021 , Summit and others. MoonPay sponsored the biggest party in so those just some of the partnership possibilities, Netflix has now stores just for mertch like Stranger Things in NYC and later AR experiences so in order to grow we need to increase exposure.

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This really makes sense and we need to get doodlers actively participating in this forum. I’m really for it. Is there a way to extend this past votes but also look into rewarding constructive comments/feedbacks on the proposal forum?

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Tbh, the POAP part of it requires only so many resources to get going. If it’s a vote on that alone, it almost doesn’t require any withdrawal from the treasury!