Jeremy Nation for Community Chair

Name: Jeremy Nation
Twitter Handle: @ETH_Nation
Discord ID: Jeremy Nation#4155
Doodle(s) ID(s): 3582, 3583, 3585
Qualifications / Experience:

All I can do is write from my heart, so here goes:

I was one of the lucky people to join the Doodles discord before it closed off to the public prior to the mint. As an OG member of the community who has held their Doodles through ups and downs, I have dedicated myself to helping newcomers, shunning scammers, and offering up crypto education to anyone who needs it.

In my Twitter spaces in the past I have provided a platform for community members to directly interface with Doodles project founders, and team members.

My nearly 7 years of professional background in the blockchain industry gives me a number of skills directly applicable to the position of Community Chair, with capacities in project management, competitive research, product content marketing, news reporting, consulting, events management, custom merchandise procurement, and more.

At The Block as a senior reporter I provided in-depth hard news reporting on the crypto ecosystem, specializing in features on staking but with enough range to cover literally every other beat the news organization could throw at me. I worked with the organization for the last 9 months.

Prior to joining The Block, I was at Bullish/ for 3 years working at a senior level as a marketing specialist. During my time with the company I wrote the EOSIO specification repository, project roadmap, and a number of internal technical reports and public announcements related to major and minor EOSIO software updates.

I petitioned for and was assigned the #BuiltOnEOSIO series project which I personally managed to curate, schedule, interview, and produce articles about companies using EOSIO software. While under my management the series transformed from a Q&A style to a more dynamic feature article format, which better expressed the value propositions and human stories behind EOSIO product use-cases.

Before joining The Block I served at various startups throughout 2018 and 2019, including pixEOS and MetaCert where I respectively offered project management, content marketing and contributed significantly to the authoring of white papers for both projects.

I got my start in the blockchain industry at ETHNews in 2017, where I produced over 461 articles featuring original exclusive interviews, in depth analysis, hard news, investigative journalism, and opinion pieces. I played a significant role in helping the site achieve Google Accreditation, and spoke to iconic and polarizing individuals during my time there including the controversial world renowned security expert, John McAfee, freedom fighting coder Jordi Baylina, and Kyber Network architect Loi Lu among many others.

At ETHNews I was among the first reporters to shine a light on ETH-based NFTs, my interview with Larva Labs was published back when crypto punks were still claimable on-chain for gas alone.

Before I got into crypto I was working hard every day, paying my way through college while acting as a canvassing manager, telemarketer, roofer, handyman, and everything in between.

Suffice it to say that throughout my life no matter what I do, I tirelessly provide my best effort and drive successful projects, often taking the lead proactively to accomplish what must be done to finish tasks.

Why are you running for the Community Council?
Any supplemental information (documents, links, etc.):

I think it’s important for me to just write down my campaign message in plain words.

The liaison is the filament between the Community Council and the Doodles team. In my previous roles at a number organizations it has been a key requirement to facilitate communication between numerous departments

Given my experience and background in interpersonal communication, I believe I am best positioned to serve as a filament between the Community Council and the Doodles team. Once elected, I will immediately establish a framework for channels of communication for the Doodles team via both a dedicated chat, as well as regularly scheduled bi-weekly meetings as per the parameters of the Chair’s responsibilities.

In addition I will ensure that meetings are recorded for the preservation of records and that meeting minutes are recorded and published somewhere for the public to see, most likely in a forum I propose to be set up that is dedicated to the functions of the Council within the Doodlebank forum site.

I propose the following architecture for meetings as I believe it’s imperative that our Community Council meetings are structured in a way that promotes transparency, accountability, and effective communication:

Agenda Setting: A week prior to the meeting, members will solicit agenda items. These may come from both the Doodles team and the Community Council members. The agenda items will be compiled and shared with all participants at least two days before the meeting. If no agenda is set the meeting may be truncated to cover general Council subject matter, such as governance, treasury updates, ongoing proposals, etc.

Introduction: At the start of the meeting, I will introduce myself and briefly go over the agenda items to ensure everyone is on the same page.
Updates: The Doodles team will provide updates on ongoing initiatives and projects, and the Community Council members will provide updates on community feedback, concerns, and proposals.
Proposals and Discussion: This section of the meeting will be dedicated to discussing new proposals and initiatives from both the Doodles team and the Community Council members. Each proposal will be presented, discussed, and reviewed by the Council members to ensure all viewpoints are heard and considered.
Action Items: After each proposal is discussed, we will determine specific action items and assign responsibilities to ensure they are implemented efficiently.
Closing: To wrap up the meeting, the Council will go over a brief summary of the action items and next steps, along with any important reminders or announcements.
Follow-up: Within 24 hours of the meeting, I will send out meeting notes and action items to all participants to ensure accountability and transparency.

By following this architecture, we can ensure that our meetings are efficient, productive, and effective. I believe this approach will help us achieve our goals and ensure that the Doodles community continues to thrive.

To accomplish the task of community collaboration in terms of proposals, the Council will create clear steps for members to follow to generate and submit their proposals.

I suggest we set up an official slack channel and forum so that community members may discuss amongst themselves and work directly with the Council to refine proposals and make them ready for submission. As much as possible I will personally make myself available in these processes to ensure we have a dynamic array of proposals that make sense according to the Council.

Outside of the community Council meetings, I will be holding formal townhall styled spaces open to all via Twitter to be scheduled regularly between the formal Council meetings. During these open community discussions, members may talk about their proposals, and directly receive community feedback in addition to any received in the official channel or forum we set up dedicated to community proposals.

Should potential conflicts occur within the Council, a neutral qualified mediator will be identified to serve as arbiter. Further terms of arbitration may be defined by the Council or Doodles team, but it is suggested that they coincide with the rules of an upstanding arbitration association in accordance with international jurisdictions.

With the onset of the Council we need someone who can drive a structure and format that can be picked up and run with, and who is willing to stand by and evolve, and refine that model along with the needs of the community, and brand. I believe I am that person, and I look forward to serving every one of you.


Jeremy! Your experience and acumen in the space is second to none!

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Thank you Doodlifts! I hope this plan can serve as a framework moving ahead.

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Sending you heartfelt wishes for your community council journey! Your enthusiasm, commitment, blockchain experience and drive is genuinely motivational.

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Jeremy! like your willingness to work and your charisma!

Great candidate! best of luck :magic_wand:

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