JKB Host Doodles NFT NYC Party


  • JKB is throwing a bangin’ and unforgettable party for the Doodles community during NFT NYC. It will be a night full of friends, drinks, dancing, networking, and phenomenal vibes.
  • We want to provide an opportunity for holders and their +1s to come together and connect, have fun, share ideas with like minded folks and get weird on the dance floor (but no shoeys, JKB does not tolerate shoeys).
  • Forge partnerships with other Web3 brands to enhance the event experience and facilitate cross-community networking and collaboration. We are currently in talks with potential partners, with more details to come leading up to the event.


We’re approximately 2.5 weeks away from NFT NYC

  • JKB has spent the last several weeks conducting extensive research on venues throughout NYC for the perfect location and vibe for our party
  • After collecting and implementing community feedback, the proposal will go to vote on Monday, March 27
  • Upon receipt of funding, we will secure the venue
  • During the week of April 3, we will make RSVP details readily available to Doodle holders and announce our brand partners
  • April 11th or 12th - PARTY TIME


  • JKB’s ultimate goal is to highlight the Doodles community and put Doodles on the map during NFT NYC
  • Create deeper connections within the Doodles NYC community that extends beyond events on the crypto conference calendar
  • Capture engaging, viral content during the party and throughout the week of NFT NYC, creating a lasting impression on the Web3 space
  • Have the event serve as a proof of concept for the community to host future large-scale events and meet-ups for Doodle holders in partnership with other prominent communities
  • Promote collaboration between community members and other Web3 creators to bring more of these types of events and experiences to life
  • Demonstrate JKB’s continued commitment to fostering a thriving and engaged community of Doodles holders
  • Get Mushy to crowd surf


  • We have carefully considered the costs associated with throwing a successful party in NYC and have developed a budget that reflects our commitment to creating a fun, vibrant experience for Doodles holders without being excessive.

  • 1 ETH — Additional content capture / editing resources: we recognize the value of creating memorable content and want to ensure that we capture every moment of the fun with high-quality photography and video editing. Our goal is to share this content on our social media channels to reach a wider audience and allow holders who are unable to attend the event to experience it virtually.

  • 1 ETH — Event production resource and staffing: we want to ensure the event runs smoothly, is as enjoyable as possible, and absolutely slays. This will cover professional vendors for lighting, sound, decor, and any necessary travel expenses.

  • 7.9 ETH Event (3-4 hours private party at a JKB-approved NYC hot spot that accommodates Doodle holders and +1s; bar; music / entertainment; dancing; content capture; the WORKS bbs!)

Max of 9.99 ETH: if there are any unused funds, JKB will return them to the DoodleBank


  • JKB will work closely with the Doodles team to hold us accountable and ensure that the event 1) actually happens and 2) is indeed bangin’
  • We will provide updates and announce our event partners in the weeks leading up to the event
  • All Doodle holders attending NFT NYC will have priority access to the event
  • If for any reason, JKB is unable to fulfill our goal of hosting an event for the Doodles community at NFT NYC, we will return return all funds to the Doodlebank
  • Kat will serve as the project manager, coordinating venue contracting, hiring additional support, and disbursing the funds

Voting Info

  • Voting will be live Monday 3/27
  • Quorum: 5%
  • Majority of Yes or No.
  • Abstentions count to quorum but do not affect yes/no votes

CONTENT CONTENT CONTENT. This proposal is free quiche. JKB NYC takeover is gonna be one for the books. Great job with providing clarity regarding fund allocation and providing an opportunity for the community to come together in the Big Apple.

Can we make sure that when Mushy crowd-surfs he is wearing a duck suit?

P.s. Duck suits are $100< on Amazon!


ICYMI here are a few duck suits I found:


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Sounds amazing – super excited for JKB & the Doodles community to really show out during NFT NYC; let’s show 'em how it’s done!!

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Love this! Community driven events being funded by the DoodleBank is amazing. Would love to see a “templatized” write-up after, so I can use it for future events in LA!

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thank you so much for your support, ckt!! we can’t wait to party and hang with the fam crew in nyc!

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ty for your support nitty!

that’s a great idea. we definitely want to support others hosting community events & would be happy to produce a template or checklist for future planners!

you :clap: get :clap: it :clap: !

tysm to you and the rest if the TGID crew for your support, it means a lot!! and yes i think we can add a line item into the proposal to ensure there is an adequate duck suit on hand

won’t be able to join but still voted yes!
doods support doods

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Looking like its going to pass! See you all there in NYC! Stoked for it!

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thank you so much! we really appreciate your support :pray:

thank you!! we can’t wait :tada: :tada:

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