John Schenk for Community Treasurer

Name: John Schenk

Twitter: @johnschenk

Discord ID: sch≡nk.eth#0124

Doodles IDs: 7560, 5975, 8027, 6460, 3885


  • 20 years experience with high-growth technology and entertainment brands
  • Finance, strategy and operations professional
  • NFT/crypto/blockchain fluent
  • Crypto/fiat treasury experience (for 4 years at Make Sense Labs)
  • MBA finance degree from New York University’s Stern School of Business
  • California actively licensed CPA
  • Doodles OG


  • CFO and Head of Web3, Media and Entertainment at Escalon, a financial services firm catering to thousands of small and medium sized businesses. I oversee 66 employees and 79 client accounts.

  • CFO at Make Sense Labs, a blockchain technology company that developed six products in 5 years - most recently a DeFi play that enables users to hold and trade Bitcoin with high transaction throughput and low fees. See:

  • Founder+CEO at Taffy Media, a social discovery side project that garnered nearly 1 million users in two years.

  • CFO/COO at Speakr, a best-of-breed influencer marketing company that helped shape the social influencer space. Company was acquired by a private equity firm.

  • CFO/SVP Finance at Capitol Records / EMI Music, a major recording label now owned by Universal Music.

  • CFO/COO at Adapt Technologies, a SaaS pioneer in the search engine marketing space. Company was acquired by Web Visible.

  • VP Finance at Tickets. com, a full service ticketing and software licensing company for major live events.

  • Sr Director, Finance & Admin at Epic Records / Sony Music, a major recording label based in New York City. Owned by Sony Corp.

  • Director, Financial Planning & Analysis at Arista Records / BMG Entertainment, a major recording label founded by legendary music mogul Clive Davis.

Why are you running for the Community Council?

  • While my core competency is in Finance, my true passion lies in building things. For this reason, I have gravitated towards technology-driven startups on the forefront of innovation (and sometimes disruption). Doodles is one of those companies, and the Doodlebank is intended/positioned to help bring such innovations to life.

  • I am a closet entrepreneur who has built three mobile apps and single-handedly created a 10k item generative NFT project in my spare time. I did this out of personal interest and curiosity. I figure that if you really want to understand something, you should just trying doing it. I believe I can bring this entrepreneurial spirit to life as a member of the council, with the intension of creating value for OGs and newcomers alike.

  • Having worked for several startups, I have extensive knowledge in best practices for ideating revenue models, creating structure, identifying efficiencies, managing people, and thriving in team-based environments. I think this lends well to Doodles, and am confident I would make for a valued addition to the council.

  • I love Doodles, and am eager to help creators maximize value for the overall project and community. I have a distinct interest supporting the OG collection, and want to ensure all boats rise with the tide. LFG

Any supplemental information (documents, links, etc.):


John! I know we haven’t interacted a ton but your reputation proceeds you. You may be the definition of what the team is looking for in a subject matter expert. You have my support!

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Thanks dood! I really appreciate that.

W resume. What would be your strategy for managing the eth. Any stables?


I think you’re the perfect fit for the spot… got my vote Dood!

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I’ve worked with John for a few years in Web3 during the height of the ICO craze.

We also built a startup together and he’s a great friend I can personally vouch for.

The CFO I’d call on anytime I start something and I’d be thrilled to work with him on improving the Doodlebank.

Merlin knows he’s an ideal fit for this. You have my wand good sir


Such a strong background and good dood in general!


Thank you, ser! I appreciate that.

Thanks Eyal. Really appreciate the good words! :pray:t3:

Thank you, much. Let’s do this!!

Let’s see what kind liberties this role will be extended. That said, my ultimate goal is to protect the fund, help support proposals that will lift the project - namely OG doodles, and provide top quality reporting and forecasting of royalties from funded projects.


John, we haven’t had the chance to speak but like Lifts said, your reputation proceeds you. Very stacked resume, I think you’re a great fit for this position.

Wish I was able to make the LA meet-up that you had as well. Let’s talk sometime soon!

You have my support.


Thank you, ser… I appreciate your support. :pray:t3: And yes… we’ll have to throw another mixer together sometime soon!

good luck with your candidacy john. your passion is evident and you have my vote.

your experience compliments this role very well.

catch up soon in LA!


John, awesome application! I hope it works out for you / us

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Thank you… and sounds good!

Thank you, dood. Much appreciated!

Dood u have my support :v:t2:


Thank you, MP9X. I appreciate that!

Well that’s the Community Treasurer taken care of, 4 spots left.