LA Doods - IRL Hike w/ special guest

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LA Doods - IRL Hike

Celebrity endorsed NFT’s are arguably one of the most powerful forms of growth among PFP collections, but utility is limited to ‘price go up’, while Moonpay is limited to strictly onboarding.

As Doodles move towards becoming a global entertainment brand, we propose a cost-effective way to add intrinsic value to the brand, while giving a unique IRL experience to holders.

LA Doods is an annual hike to take place during the week of NFT LA and exclusive to Doodles. Funding from DoodleBank and support from the core team’s network will provide onboarding for at least one celebrity / influencer to join the Doodles community for a one-hour ‘low-key’ hike in Los Angeles. In return for participation, celebs are gifted a customized personal Doodle of themselves to be added to the ‘Doodles for Friends’ collection by Burnt Toast (and/or) alternative compensation as needed.

Imagine a crew of Doodles hiking up the mountain with Steve Aoki or Justin Bieber— vibes + utility


  • Oct 2022 – secure DB funding
  • Nov 2022 – begin talent scouting
  • Jan 2023 – lock talent, hire security
  • Feb 2023 – design PFP, reveal event flyer
  • Mar 2023 – event launch


To become ‘a thing’, whereas success is measured intrinsically.


  • Onboarding (mgmt fee, legal) $3000
  • Design (PFP, flyer) $1000
  • Security $300
  • Misc (filming, etc) $700

Total $5000~ / year


Ideally, funds can be monitored, alongside invoices, through specified wallet for accounting purposes. Event organizer assumes full responsibility.