Let's help Ukraine as a community

As we all know by now, 2 days ago, Ukraine’s invasion by Russia started.

Even though I am not Ukrainian, this has severely impacted me, part of my team is Ukrainian and in Ukraine, I’m in constant contact with them and doing my best to help out. What they are going through is terrible, the women in my team are fleeing west, one with her kid, and the men unfortunately have been called to fight.

They need our help and we can help them. I propose to allocate a bit of the Doodlebank funds in order to help the civilians that are still there, surviving.

Let’s have the Doodle community mark history!
Slava Ukraini!


Do you have any charity or something and figured out whats the best way to help? In order to make sure the funds arrive at the places where they are most needed…refugee shelters for example. Would be good if u could extend your proposal a little bit more into this direction

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do it smart and trasparent. go for it

I was thinking to propose the same. Let’s do this as a community using Doodle bank funds.

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Yes, please write up a formal proposal and let’s get a vote on it. I suggest donating a substantial amount directly to Ukraine, similar to how Pak did it: https://twitter.com/muratpak/status/1497631973103255557
@Mushy what do you think?

Yes! They need it more than us