Little Frens proposal for doodle bank entry

GM ! I own 2 Doodles of my own and they have inspired me to start creating! I have created Little Frens. Our Art is comprised of doodle inspired traits as well new characters and traits such as a unicorn, puppy, bunny, boba, etc! I would love to donate the % of proceeds to the Doodle Bank and talk more with the team about our roadmap and purpose! I have been in the NFT space for a while now and own plenty of NFTs. I really want to build a fun cute community that embraces and uplifts Doodles and donate to the Doodle Bank what we can :slight_smile:

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these look amazing i cant wait for my doodle to have a little fren!

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looks great! can you share more details around the collection size as well as mint price. Also besides a donation to the doodle banks are their early perks for doodlers?

If you have any questions feel free to ask! I know a lot of Derivs are Cash Grabs and Rugs but i ensure you this is the complete opposite of what our vision is. I want to make a cute community who believes in doodles and loves the artwork and what BurntToast has created. I am well known on social media and just want to give my audience a cute REAL deriv that glorify the Doodles and what they have done for the NFT space.

8888 items and over 800 will be a Free mint for Doodles holders!

Thanks for the prompt response! What about the approx mint price for public? Also do you have a discord group set up?

Discord will be released on our official twitter @littlefrens_nft very soon ! Price will be between .03-.05 for public! Free Mints for first couple hundred Doodle holders and WL Frens !

@Hunkins It would have been better (more transparent) if you mentioned in the discord that this was your derivative project. @noohp was right.

Regardless, there’s some bad news if you’re looking for support here:

Separately, while no one can really stop you from doing a derivative, please consider the following:

  1. Be clear that your project is in no way supported by Doodles or the Doodles community.

  2. Doodle traits and art are part of the Doodles IP. While I see some variance, the blue check on pickle, alien, balloon seem to be infringements.

  3. If this were a small mint, I think you could get pass. But 8888… No offense but this seems like making money off of Burnt Toast’s art and a cash grab.

Since you’re one of us, I’ll share some thoughts.

You have a couple of options and you seem like you want to build something.

  1. Relook at your art and steer clear from obvious Doodle copies like mentioned above.

  2. Make the doodle inspired portion a tiny part of your collection… like 10ish 20ish. So that the majority of the collections’ artwork speaks to a distinct brand and not look like a Doodles clone.

  3. No one needs another 8888 PFP collection. Find a purpose and maybe that purpose or community only needs 888 or 88.

This would not be the place to continue the discussion on the derivative project to avoid confusion. @Mushy please lock the thread.