Lore Consideration

It was great to hop into that impromptu Discord Voice Chat with Poopie & so many other Doodlers today.

This isn’t so much as an idea as it is just my opinion I was too shy to speak up about in front of everyone.

The sentiment Poopie portrayed for Doodle Lore was such that great care and detail was being paid to the planning of lore, and additionally being careful to “get it right”, etc.

I couldn’t agree more that these points are important.
My personal take on this topic, which I couldn’t bring myself to voice aloud is basically:

Don’t obsess over the storyline/world/lore so much at all in the beginning. I know it sounds 100% counterintuitive, but hear me out.
I liken this thought process to the infinitely popular series “Adventure Time”.
The first couple seasons were just…wild. Anything and everything could happen, and episode by episode, things didn’t necessarily string together, and it didn’t matter.

Sure, characters were introduced, and fleshed out, but in an overall vague manner. The core content of seemingly random fun and mayhem took precedence, and it paid off…because it’s fun!!
Yes, later in the series, a “lore” and “storyline” was formed, but those first handful of seasons gave the creators plenty of time to construct it in the meantime.
And ultimately, subjectively, one could argue the series lost a bit of magic once everything got “so serious”.

If Doodles were to take a nod from this approach, maybe it could be that Doodles end up being just a world of never-ending “Shorts”, kinda Seinfeld style, without necessarily getting so serious. After all, Doodles are bouncy and lighthearted, and fun! There’s no way to “get it wrong” if everything is always just different, rather than a strung-along complex specific storyline.

So that being said, if my opinion is wildly off-base, I’ll gladly put my foot in my mouth. Honestly, I have no experience in brand building or marketing, etc. whatsoever.
But I’d rather say something than nothing and give a different perspective for consideration in case any small part of it ends up being worthwhile.

I can’t wait to see where Doodles go!!

Thanks for reading!

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Thanks for sharing this, and I wholeheartedly agree with this sentiment. It’s great that you mention Adventure Time because that would be the cartoon of choice if someone were to ask me to compare the vibe of doodles with a show.

I believe, at the core of doodles, is the idea of carefree happy fun! I still think there should be a lot of attention to detail and planning in order to build the future in the right direction because there’s always a method to the madness :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Well said! :clap: Thanks for sharing your perspective.

You reminded me of “Cyanide and Happiness.”

They are a series of shorts that are united by nothing else but art style.

Might be an interesting approach to telling stories without being committed to an overarching lore.

Maybe we are just looking for a loose way to achieve scale without having to stress over continuity. It’s not like we’re trying to build the DCU… are we?