Love of Lamp (Formal Derivative Proposal)

Hello Beautiful Doodles! First things first, thank you so much for reading this proposal and taking time out of your day to consider! Now I have one question for you; do you love lamp?

If you answered NO, please skip all the boring details and jump to the last sentence of this proposal!

If you answered YES, let’s jump into this proposal and see what Love of Lamp is all about!

Love of Lamp:

Love of Lamp is an NFT project of 5,000 lamps lighting up the Ethereum blockchain. Each lamp is algorithmically generated, cute, and totally unique! Love of Lamp was created for a multitude of reasons, the first being the classic meme.

The second and most important reason is because Love of Lamp is opportunity to practice love, community, and giving, which is in line with Doodles mission. The NFT space, crypto, and the metaverse can be a dark place sometimes and lamps are needed to brighten it up.

Look at these cute lil lamps!

Before we get into the benefits of minting a Love of Lamp NFT, let’s meet the fully doxed team!

Nick Sterlacci: “Hi Lamp Lovers! My name is Nick Sterlacci and I am the Co-founder/Dev/Project Manager of Love of Lamp! I am a former startup founder with a successful exit and currently working as a venture capitalist. In addition to venture capital, I am also the co-founder of Valorize DAO, a web3 native organization that offers no-code tools for DAO governance and tokenization.

Sean McDonnell: “Hello Lamp Lovers! My name is Sean McDonnell and I am the Co-founder/Community Manager of Love of Lamp. I am a retired collegiate athlete, adrenaline junkie, and marvel nerd. Additionally, I am a High School Teacher, Golf Coach, and I run a successful drone photography business. I can’t wait to meet all of our amazing community members and I am excited for what’s in store for the future of Love of Lamp!”

Megan LaCognata: Our extremely talented artist, whose Instagram page you can check out below!

Check out the team’s social media and get to know us. We’re a fun group who like to joke in our discord and sometimes make fun of Sean :slight_smile:

Let’s Talk about the Roadmap now

Feel free to read through our roadmap on our Twitter, but I will give a summary and explain our reasoning as well.

Our roadmap centers around giving back to the NFT community. We’ve seen a lot of fake giveaways and broken promises in this space and that’s why we are a fully doxxed team. Here’s a summary of our roadmap:

The collection will contain 10 1/1 art pieces, each to be redeemed for a large giveaway. Highlights include:

A brand-new Tesla Model 3
Two tickets to the 2022 Super Bowl + $10,000
$10,000 giveaway and more….

We expect to put out some cool content around the giveaways and strive to be the insert famous youtuber who does giveaways of the NFT world

*Disclaimer: Roadmap is contingent on the project selling out and giveaways are guaranteed upon sell out
*Actual Tesla giveaway is only for the 48 contiguous United States. Holders residing elsewhere will be guaranteed the full $55,000 value paid in ETH.

A donation to The Make-A-Wish Foundation

Our $LAMP token will also launch with a liquidity pool and we will use this token to give back 50% of secondary transaction revenue evenly distributed to holders.

We are expecting to begin minting between January 19 and January 21, but have not set an official date

All of this sounds cool right?! So, if you are on the fence about loving lamp, check out what we’re offering for Doodles Holders!

$15,000 sent to the Doodle Bank
$15,000 Donation to any charity of Doodles choice given in Doodles name
200 - 300 Whitelist spots for Doodles holders

In return, we are looking for the following:

Good Vibes
Some retweets from Doodles holders
Tell your friends that you love lamp
Official support from the Doodles Team as Doodle Bank Project

Thank you for coming to our Ted Talk and I hope you enjoyed this proposal!

Check us out on Twitter:

Lamp loves you (For the people who answered NO to our first question, I hope you reconsider)