Make Doodles carbon neutral

Hi doods.
Seeing how all of us want to get doodle to become a global brand, we should consider the impact we have caused on the globe. This proposal is to discuss the ways we can make Doodles carbon neutral and the amount of ETH required to offset that.

I’ve been exploring Ariel (Aerial – Offset Your NFTs) which calculates all the gas spent and how much would it cost to offset that much amount of energy used to process those transactions. I’ve done some calculations for the following Doodles contracts →

  1. Doodles smart contract = $32,992 (Aerial – Offset Your NFTs)

  2. Doodles Smart contract owner = $1456 (Aerial – Offset Your NFTs)

  3. Doodles Community Treasury = $32 (Aerial – Offset Your NFTs)

We can become a carbon-neutral project by doing this. (the address in the link is doodle smart contract which I got from here → (OG website if you want to check for yourself → Aerial – Offset Your NFTs)
These are one-time payments since the onus and responsibility of secondary sale is on the doods doing those transactions, and not on the project itself.

This would help doods in two ways-

  1. Offset our impact on the globe = responsible thing to do
  2. Improve our brand image and potentially onboard a new category of demand which is on the fence about climate change and the impact of Doodle = brand positioning and marketing

Do let me know if I missed something or if my research is lacking. Looking for feedback.

  • nogi (Doodle#3338)
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There is something to be said about this idea. Would give us terrific press if news broke: “The Nft project whose community has voted to become carbon natural”

We had a good discussion about this in think tank Discord


  1. Community is supportive, think it’s in line with the doodles brand.
  2. Comments around:
  • Aerial can be used as a gauge for estimating carbon emissions.
  • Carbon emission offsetting can be achieved in other more directly impactful ways such as paying for tree planting, conservation efforts as alternatives to simplying purchasing carbon credits.

Possible next steps for the discussion:
Are there other on-brand ways of executing the project to offset the carbon emissions. (doodle trees on polygon? each doodle tree = 1 tree planted, how many trees to plant to offset project’s estimated carbon footprint?)