Maptain Corgan's Community Council Application- Rewards

Greetings Doodles,

Below you’ll find all my personal information and social media accounts where Im just one mention or direct message away:

Name/Pseudonym: Raiven Avilés / Corgan
Social Media Accounts: Raisvo (Twitter), corgan #1101 (Discord)
Doodle ID: #4908

Since the moment I saw Doodles, I knew I was going to work my way towards one someday, even if at that moment I couldn’t financially afford one. It’s been a long journey and I had watched Doodle’s ups and downs from the sidelines for months until the day I could finally afford one. These past months have been surreal for me and I value every member of the community as if they were family because constantly sharing experiences and getting to know other community members has been a dream come true and I aspire to make my future a Doodled one.

During this bear market I’ve found myself asking the question… what can I do for Doodles? when others ask “what can Doodles do for me?” and I’m a firm believer that strength in web3 is found in our communities and networking within them.

In order to be successful in this role; it’s imperative to understand the community, be openminded, listen and debate with other community members while being respectful and resourceful. I can assure you Doodles, I will bring this and much more to the table when tasked with bridging the gap between our amazing community and the Doodles team.

I’m confident in my abilities, specifically, my capacity to understand different groups within our community (being a proud latino) and being able to connect with them at a personal level both, in English or Spanish while also having the skillset needed to translate community sentiment and desires to the Doodles team in order to create a roadmap that can represent the Doodles Vision and make our holders proud and hopeful for whats to come, leading to maximum participation in challenges, events, games and other roadmap items with rewards that maintain interest and engagement within our community but also be attractive for new investors in our ecosystem.

Qualifications: As a 27 year old owner of an elderly home with 46 mentally ill patients I can empathize with others and help them feel heard and acknowledged in a personal level. In my business, I find myself constantly being and intermediary between patients, their families and the doctors, psychiatrists and other health care professionals while employing caregivers and managing payroll in a responsible way for the business without sacrificing the patients needs and expectations. This experience mixed with the mental and social skills I’ve acquired during my real estate ventures in which I take deteriorated properties and turn them into a home for the buyers, make me an asset for the Doodles community.

I once heard: “The goal is to have as close to 0% volume as possible because that means none of our holders want to sell their assets” and that stuck with me, a clear vision I want to embody. Giving Doodles the experiences and value needed for you to want to hold your Doodle forever.


Hi Corgan! Happy to see you apply. How would you approach rewards in a way that is only achievable onchain?

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Hi! Regarding web3 native rewards I would love to work with the team to get rewards via metadata updates to a specific Doodle that went to IRL or digital events (like the wearables trade party last Friday), participated in challenges like art contests, content creation and more. These new ‘traits’ (like first trip for Otherdeeds) could accumulate or be redeemed for the rewards pertinent to the specific activity.

This would create a tighter bond between the owner and his/her Doodle and rocket holder participation in our roadmap items as people would be rewarded accordingly for participation in our story. This would inevitably drive value up for the collection without diluting supply (a big concern for many in our community), since your Doodle will now have extra traits that are redeemable for rewards and hence be more desirable.

I would love to explore the possibility of Doodles creating partnerships with big events/companies in which we could airdrop tickets to concerts, sporting events, flights and such to participants of specific events or the winners of specific trait IP builder challenges (another area I would like to develop more in our collection to combat new marketplace’s effect on value and how almost all NFTs are considered floors now).


I like this idea. I think when I’ve seen this mentioned before we have seen some pushback on altering the OG collection is any way. Wearables and the flow ecosystem would be a great option to facilitate all of this or badges on eth. Its an interesting issue because the flow product track would be the best fit for rewards but I think there is a desire to have OG exclusive rewards in the eth ecosystem.