Merchandise Platform for Doodle Holders

As holders of Doodles, we are allowed to make up to $100,000 in merchandise sales from each of our doodles NFTs.

There are other projects like BAYC which allow their holders fuller IP rights over their NFTs and the ability to make unlimited revenue from merchandise using their NFT.

In order to make Doodle holding more attractive, and create maximum benefit for each Doodle holder, I propose we use money from the Doodlebank to finance the creation of an in-house platform for the sale of merchandise FOR the holders of Doodles NFTs.

The idea is that we each have our NFTs, but lack the business connections, supply chains, design skills, manufacturing abilities, and delivery infrastructure to make merchandise from our NFTs and deliver it to potential customers.

I propose that we create a platform within the Doodles project, whereby customers can browse through a variety of garments and merchandise and order items with the likeness of any Doodle-holder’s doodle artwork (as long as we have chosen to list our doodle as being available for merchandise.)

It is a large undertaking, but there are projects like 10KTF and others who are already offering the service of placing users’ NFTs as a design onto high-top shoes, hoodies, socks, caps etc. Further down the line, these items will be redeemable for actual physical garments.

The cross-over between the NFT space and fashion is going to be a very lucrative one, and the first project to offer this service to its holders is going to stand out high above all the competition in terms of value offered to holders.

I, as a holder, would go to the merchandise section of the doodles site, and simply list my doodle as being available to merchandise. Customers coming to the merchandise section would be able to choose from a whole range of clothing and other merchandise items and then search through all the available doodles and see which one they’d like and on which item of merchandise they’d like it.

Once they order, a part of the sale goes to the NFT holder, and part to the project treasury to fund the continuing process.

The doodle holder keeps receiving payments until their $100,000 income limit is reached, after which the NFT is still listed as available for merchandise, but the sales all go to the treasury.

The value this would add to holders of Doodles NFTs would be unparalleled. Most projects attempt to add value via dilutive drops, or now tokens, and essentially try to turn their NFTs into yield-bearing financial assets.

This proposal would create a completely different type of utility and added value for holders, and one which is much more in line with where this space is already naturally headed. The culture around NFTs and fashion will inevitably explode. The world currently watches suspiciously, trying to see where the ‘value’ is to justify all of the interest in the NFT space.

To show them a business model they can understand with a product (fashion) they can understand will bring the Doodles project so far into the front of the NFT ecosystem that it will become a global crossover phenomenon. They will all understand the value very easily. And the organisation the team will have demonstrated will be unmatched.

There is an issue with whether each owner can make $100,000 from the doodle, or whether that doodle can only ever make $100,000 in sales throughout its entire lifecycle, no matter how many owners it has had. This is something which would make a great difference to the mechanics of the system, and I’d hope it’s $100,000 per owner.

There are many things to iron out, but as a rough idea, I believe this would potentially be an incredibly attractive value proposition to everyone out there. Owning a Doodles NFT would become a business opportunity in itself (not a security).

Eventually, a third party site will open to offer the ability to any NFT holder to make merchandise from their NFTs in this way. Projects which give more of the IP to holders will become more valuable as this happens, as it’s a clear value-add.

Doodles has the opportunity to get ahead of the curve, and by organising all of this in-house for its holders will cement the brand’s place as being the most holder-focused NFT that exists.

We have heard from the team about the amazing connections they have already made in terms of merchandising ventures. This would be another step in the process which has already begun.

Our community would be copied far and wide, but like BAYC and their companions, we’d have done it first. The skill of the team is already there. This just unleashes a massive revenue opportunity for us the holders, and takes NFT ownership to the next level.


Love the idea. Only problem I see as you noted is there will likely be an imbalance between really sought after Doodles (ie. Steve Aokis, Pranksy’s, etc) and the less rare Doodles. To drive broader excitement, both for current and future Doodle holders, some sort of revenue balancing or sharing model would be needed (in my opinion). Something similar to how the NHL redistributes income from the “have” teams to the “have-not” team. If every Doodle holder can capture that $100k that would be amazing!


I’d like to see this idea explored by some of our more business-savvy Doodle holders.

I agree that there is definitely potential in this rough framework of an idea.
I know the Founders were eager to launch high-end merch, but this could be an alternate opportunity to ‘bring Doodles to the masses’ by capitalizing on the ‘at any price point’ goal the Founders have also touched on recently.

This would have to be one of those very-long-pipeline-drawn-out-and-thought-through proposals to come to fruition. I can’t see this being successful without an extremely polished plan, but that is ok. Better to be planned out than rushed and flop.

You mentioned other projects successfully doing this, so investigating their take on it should be a natural first step towards furthering the discussion around this idea.

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I agree with @Ruggles and @TorontoSM on their feedback.

  1. Would this conflict or complement the official merch line by the team? Granted, details are scare for now.

  2. Similar point: Unless you own the dood and market it. Rares, special traits and more iconic doods like the mascot may get the attention.

Spitballing idea to solve for pt 2:

  • Customers can choose ‘surprise me’ and it selects a random doodle to print for the customer. ‘Doodles egg vending machine’
  • The surprise me option could be significantly cheaper (15% off). i
  • If it’s a fun thing, like ‘what’s at the end of your rainbow,’ then I can see random doods getting potential returns. Tweet about what you got in your box. Make the box part of lore.
  • A pooled return concept might be better for inclusivity. So that all doods benefit from the program and not just popular choices.

Alternatives for doodlers who just want to print their doods:
There are already print-to-order sites that do merch printing.

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I’m currently testing a process where we could have custom made apparel (almost any type of clothing/hats) with our own Doodles embroidered. No minimum order and great pricing. Not planning on taking royalties or anything, but we might need some funds from Doodlebank to automate and clean the process. Here is the first sample:


THIS IS INCREDIBLE!! so high quality

Looks cool - great work! I’d say the image being a little smaller and perhaps in fine writing having doodles on the hem of the cardigan would look great. As long as the material is decent as well this would sell. Perhaps a black and white version also.

Generally, this is exactly what the community should be proposing - game-changing, industry-leading value add to all. I support the concept acknowledging the challenges and high-level plan. Back to TorontoSM point… would a shared/split approach (possibly weighted) remove the issue of 100k cap?