Michael Litman for Community Rewards Lead

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Michael Litman

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Doodle #7487

Qualifications / Experience:

I see my career having gone through a few different chapters, that now looking back are linked in many ways and the playbook for each repeats.

Being able to join the dots from these experiences over the past 15 years gives me a unique perspective having seen it from all sides of comms (former startup founder creating three companies, working in PR / advertising / brand strategy / innovation and web3.)

But one thing remains as the red thread through it all, whether its in PR or social or tech or brand strategy it’s always been about helping brands be a part of culture, find their tribe and delight them through unique and engaging experiences.

Being a disruptor at the forefront of emerging tech also personally gives me energy, a curiosity and thirst for knowledge / continuous learning and improvement.

How did I get here? What is my background?

First came the social media era. Back in 2008 until around 2012, I was one of the leading social media strategists in the UK working at the time for the digital agency of the decade, Dare.

I was a go to conference speaker, panellist, writer and spokesperson about all things brands and social. I ran a popular blog and newsletter covering social media activations and best in class work from brands.

Then came the advent of short form video and Vine in 2013 (a six second video app acquired by Twitter). I saw an opportunity to create what started out as a side project called Brands On Vine with Kai Turner, an OG of web3 who recently advised on the Doodlebank.

Brands on Vine morphed in to a video research tool (Burst Insights) and production agency (Burst Productions) which were both used by many of the largest brands and agencies at the time, including Twitter themselves over a 4 year period.

After this I went back in to the world of creativity and advertising being the head of digital for Contagious, a publication that champions the best in creativity by brands.

Following on, I worked on brand strategy for Magic Leap while at R/GA agency and now have been at Media.Monks for 4 years as a brand strategist, with the last 2 years being dedicated to web3 and innovation technology.

Why are you running for the Community Council?

I’m running for Community Council: Rewards because I want to bring my extensive background of experience in brand strategy working for leading creative agencies and more latterly specifically within innovation technology but also my deep understanding of the NFT space from a brand lens, a strategists lens and as a collector.

Building brands has been the one constant in my professional career and I would love nothing more than to be a part of the journey that sees Doodles enter in to new frontiers and lead the way in becoming the defining entertainment and lifestyle brand, reimagining what it means for a fan, collector, or holder within the brand’s universe.

The driving force for me more latterly in this space specifically has been consulting, advising, educating and onboarding large brands including Macy’s, Gucci, Cool Cats, P&G, Salesforce Web3 and many more I’m not allowed to talk about!

Ultimately igniting imaginations and helping brands enter new realities with confidence and trust.

I do this through what I call the four C’s of web 3.

These are:

1. Creativity
2. Community
3. Culture
4. Commerce

Doodles already does many of these things well.

  1. It is a creative powerhouse. Golden Wolf is only going to add rocket fuel to this.
  2. It has one of the most positive, welcoming and supportive communities out there
  3. It is already making a dent in culture through stand out experiential experiences like SXSW, NFT NYC and the hotly awaited Something In The Water
  4. The IP is commercially desirable for holders to want to own a part of it, through physical and digital merch.

Everything you do is about bringing joy, surprising and delighting.

But when it comes to the loyalty / rewards side, there is work to be done. And I want to be a part of that!

I got my first break in to this web3 space by Kai Turner, who brought me in in the early days of MeebitsDAO in March/April of 2021 to help with managing the community on discord, social and a weekly newsletter just for MeebitsDAO subscribers.

Since then I’ve not looked back and created my own role inside Media.Monks to work solely in the space.

It would also be the third time of collaborating with Kai Turner from starting out 10 years ago with Brands on Vine, to working on Meebits DAO and now Doodles which would be a fun full circle moment!

A few key relevant highlights more latterly: I have created partnerships with web3 companies, I brought in the relationship that culminated in Media.Monks being a communications launch partner for Salesforce Web3, I am very familiar with the loyalty and rewards landscape and created a conference presentation at Adworld in October 2022 which was all about how brands can use NFTs to create supercharged loyalty programs.

I’m excited to bring all this knowledge and experience to a role to help set Doodles up for success in rewards.

Thank you, thank you !

Any supplemental information (documents, links, etc.):

Endorsement link of AdWorld conference presentation about my Future of brands and loyalty in web3 by CMO of Salesforce Web3

Conference presentation slides also available in the link above

Building a supercharged brand loyalty program through NFTs - summary post and presentation - links available on request (it didn’t let me link)

Fostering the future of company loyalty - article by me about this very topic! (links available on request (it didn’t let me link)

In my doodles hoodie back in March 2022 at NFT LA over a year ago now!!


What a resume!! Wishing you the best brother, you have my support. <3


Thank you Chief!! Appreciate your support and know I would do right by the Doodles fam!

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I love that you had to explain Vine😂 Seems like you have a depth of experience and love to see that you have worked with Kai a handful of times! Best of luck Michael

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Sounds like you have a really great background & plenty of experience that would allow you to excel at this role. Best of luck to you Michael!

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Haha I mean as crazy as it sounds it was 10 years ago now!! Appreciate your support and thank you!!

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Thank you Kat!! You rock. Bullish on you and JKB! Appreciate your support and all you do for the doods.

Amazing person! All my support!

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We like the Nir! Appreciate your support!

That’s a great resume!

You’ve really come a long way in brand building and you have a lot of experience in this field!

Wish you best of luck, Michael :saluting_face:

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Thanks so much bamboo. I really appreciate it and your support!!

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Thank you everyone for your comments and support I really appreciate the vote of confidence!