Mini game jam for Doodlers

Hi fellow Doods we want to run a mini game jam! I’m STbomba (champion for this project) working with my good mates B.Hatton and B.R. Together we have experience in web dev, VR dev, game development, game jams and blockchain development. We are also big into doodles, crypto and nfts!

Holders of Doodles #6283, #8412, #4964 & #9563.

We’ve been talking about this project for a while and putting it up for proposal on the Doodle forum for the start of 2022!

We’re strong believers in the doodle project and love the community thus would like to start a project in this space! Giving back to the community and the Doodlebank at the same time.

Our proposal encompasses running a mini game jam via discord / doodle forum to create a doodle derivative game which we will then develop.

How it will work:

  • Have a set time over 1-2 days to discuss and brainstorm ideas for a derivative game
  • Ideas will be selected based off reacts/votes
  • Create a framework for development of game


  • Fun experimental game jam for doodlers
  • Create a fun community game and new environment for us to have
  • Replenish funds for the doodlebank with any sales from game

Please let us know what you think and hope to have your support my friends!


@STbomba thanks for jamming in Doodlebank!

What kind of help or support are you looking for?

  1. Are you looking for ideas for a game that you guys will build? Hence this thread is a brainstorm
  2. Is it more of a temperature check with the community ‘what does everyone think of a Doodles game?’
  3. Funding for the game development?


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Love the game jam idea! Lets unite the creativity in our community and see what comes out of it.

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Hi @ayhth!

I was thinking more of 1 & 2.
Could see it going 2 ways:
IF there is enough game developers in the doodle community who would like to participate in the game jam we can do a traditional game jam with doodle inspiration or themes.
If not then it would be brainstorming and temp check and we can do the development of a doodle game inspired by the community.


@ChickenDinner exactly! Feel like there are alot of creatives around here :smiley: