Mistakenly sold Doodle for 0.37E

Hello my fellow Doods

Today i made one of the biggest mistakes of my life… After a really long and hard day I accidentally sold my Doodle #1961 for 0.37 instead of 3.7 ETH.
I’m very disappointed in myself and can’t believe this actually happened…

I write this proposal to maybe get it back… or at least the ETH i lost… i’m not asking for all of it, but it would mean the world to me if I could get back the ETH i spent (- those 0.37).
I’m a student who’s also working 50% so this is a lot of money for me…

I bought my doodle for 2.7E and it was my biggest NFT investment ever, it really hurts a lot to lose such a big amount of money… I know the chances are slim i’ll get anything back, but i promise i’ll do anything i can to give back to the community and make things right!

I don’t want this to be just a one sided thing, i’ll do whatever i can to further support this community and project in any way i can. I’m a mechanical engineer so my profession doesn’t really get me much, but i’ll do whatever it takes to make it up to you. I’m a MOD in the NFT Siblings community and could help with whatever you give me.

Some guys already offered their help and even send me a little bit of eth, thank you so so much for that. I promise i’ll pay you back double

I will give you my all to try and make it right! I won’t let you down, I promise.
Please consider this proposal.

I love you all


Sorry to hear that. Many of use have made these painful fat finger/ clicked-to-fast mistakes. Have you tried reaching out to the buyer?

it was a bot who sniped me… someone bought it off that bot and i talked to her, but ofc i can’t ask her to give it back since she bought it fair and square…

Doesn’t hurt to ask if you could buy it back imo. even if it’s at a premium e.g. 0.7eth.

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omg so sorry to hear about that…

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it would’ve maybe been possible if i knew who the original buyer/bot was… the second buyer bought it for those 3.7 off that bot so i can’t just get it back from her like that…
and first i’d need to somehoe gather that amount of eth to begin with lol

thank you… don’t think i’ll get anything back tho. was a stupid mistake i’ll only make once… just really sad it had to happen on my most expensive NFT :frowning:

:heart: Hugs buddy. Wishing you luck to win those giveaways!