ModernMuseumOfDerivates 10k Collection

Made an article in medium with more images explaining the idea ModernMuseumOfDerivates. So! after a quadrillion tests, resarch… | by Mtanative | Jan, 2022 | Medium

So! after a quadrillion tests, resarch and fails!

ModerMuseumOfDerivates! is ready to see the ligth!!

First of all, what? and why another deriv collection?, Well I love doodles, since the mint day I feel that it was going to be a huge project, in the space I love the most! the metaverse, the biggest playground on the net, aside from being a collector I love smart contracts\coding and the culture, and will love to participate on it with a project like this

One of the pleasure of having my dood is just looking at it on my wallet, or showing it to my friends (hopefully the join the fam some day), other projects like pukenza brogth more stetic value to the table giving u another piece to enjoy! so I came to the conclusion that one of the best ways to add value to the commnity may be having some amazing museum like art of ur doodle that u can hang in ur livingroom or as a fire screensaver!

Some of you probably heared of CLIP+VqGann/Dall-e Ai revolution, The company OpenAi this january presented 2 models for text-visual representation, wich some examples of derivates collection using this tech like bastard GannPunks, not to confuse this tech with the Style transfer from 2019.
The procces to achive the final iteration was quite long and involved +12h render sessions, with hundreds of different inputs, settings and models.

This Dec I finally got a set of different models that work really good giving amazing results. The plan is to do use styles as treats with different rarities, but if there is more interest for only one style for all the collection it can be a nice option too!

The procces to render the images usually takes arround 30m per image on a regular nvidia1080, Ive got a decent rig for processing it all but the full collection will take over a week in processing time! wich is also super cool as it will have to be “mined” like our beloved coins!

Want to first see if there is any interest from the community! and if positive will do a pool on doodle bank asking for wich styles are the favorites or if only use one!

The value proposition I think can give some extra boost to the main doodle collection, distrubution plan will be only for doodle owners, and just the derivates of ur owned doods, probably free price or something like .01, and not looking for funding from the bank! maybe some help from other doodle devs pals!

Let me know ur thougths!