Monthly 1/1 Doodles mascot derivative auctions

Hey guys I think it’ll be a great idea to run monthly auctions of 1/1 derivatives of the Doodles mascot and collaborate with different artists.

Percentage of the sale can go to the artist and the other to the treasury.

Can collab with artists in the NFT space, artist outside of the space i.e Brian Donnelly (Kaws) or even some of the creatives in the doodles community who haven’t got a big platform so this can help to get their name out there.

This is something fun for people to look forward to every month and collectors to collect 1/1s from their favourite artists.

Can also host twitter spaces an hour before the auction ends so bids can be discussed live and also have a chat with the community about general stuff or whats coming up for doodles.

Let me know what you guys think.

P.S would be good to start with this chain : )


Id like to see this happen!!!

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I’m in. I like the idea of supporting artists and promoting the brand all in one. Like the shoe that auctioned off today.

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Love the idea, would be great to get some merch going and support artists.