Mustache Dood Miami 🌴

I would like to set forth a proposal for the upcoming Doodles Miami :palm_tree:

I thank you in advance for your time.


  • pass the doodle train record holder of 44 doodles passed (pinned in discord general hall).
  • four years in live broadcasting experience
  • thicc mustache

with doodles Miami right around the corner, I would like to express my interest in any opportunities that might be available as a doodles Miami presenter.

What this role entails:


Present speakers on the stage.

Take questions and present them to the desired recipient.

Keep the vibes flowing.

Hype up the crowd.

With the support of the community, I believe I can represent the doodle brand and doodle philosophy of spreading good vibes. :rainbow:


hello where my doods at from the spaces? gd

Would love to hear more about this proposal. Is the intent to raise your hand to present/hold discussions in already planned events by the Doodles team? If so unless you’re being compensated this is probably less a proposal that needs to be voted on (since it does not impact the treasury) and more of a direct conversation with the founding team. Happy to lend my support as you’ve been an integral part of the community and think your charisma would be an asset in any planned discussions.

perfect, this makes alot of sense. Thank you mr pickle

I’d love to see you host an event

I support this. Mustache Dave would be great to support and lead the community on stage.