Mutant Doodles -

Hello guys! Me and 3 friends started this little project, Mutant Doodles. We are very excited about how it turned out to look, even if it was made in such a short time. Our single problem is that this is our first collection and we don’t know how to market it…
That’s why we ask for your help! We will airdrop a mutation elixir to everyone who tells a good idea here on this topic. :slight_smile:

Our current plan is to launch the 3 types of elixirs next week ( ghoul elixir, zombie elixir, and vampire elixir) at the prices of 50$, 75$, and respectively 125$. After that, at the decided time we will airdrop Mutant Doodles to every holder (or create a free mint for them). Every elixir that wasn’t sold till that time will be burned. 50% of the earnings + royalities will be used to buy doodles and airdrop to holders.

What do you think? :slight_smile: Thanks a lot and give me your wallet address after you say your ideas.!
doodles 2|500x500

Dm on discord for photos of the other types of mutations: ordinary#5764


I really like this idea, but Mutant is like a copy from BAYC and kinda not suits Doodles?

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I personally really like how they turned out :slight_smile:


wooooooow, so cute :slight_smile:

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Thanks :slight_smile: Really appreciate it! How many should I put in the collection? I have enough trait derivates to make a lot more than 10.000 but I don’t know.

This is interesting! You guys made quick progress.

Not to be a party pooper, but do check out the guidelines for doodrivatives pinned. It’ll help us understand abit more about your project and also a way for the founders to engage you with the right context.

Safety is important to the community (though your project does look fun!) and therefore it’s good to have the information laid out for the community to digest before sending wallet addresses.


Do like this idea!

Would the traits of Mutant Doodles (tentative) be inherited from Original Doodles or totally random traits? (Cuz I love my designer glasses what I owned)

For marketing, how do you think about the X’mas elixir since Dec. is coming :slight_smile:
I would be excited if my doods could be decorated.

Interesting idea, I’d like to see more mutant doodles. It may benefit the doodle-verse.

I don’t think we should do mutants. Respectfully, it’s unoriginal and just copying BAYC. I’m not opposed to the idea of having some secondary type of Doodle that originates from the original 10K, but we have too much creativity in our community to just rinse repeat the mutant approach. Plus I think MAYC couldn’t be further from our artistic style :sweat_smile:


As a member, I am very happy to hear this news. It shows that we have been recognized by many people. We can innovate something better instead of imitating BAYC. This is just my personal opinion.

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I agree with your point. I think it’s a little early for an official spin-off like mutants as well. We are still trying to fortify the strong community that has been built around this project. Definitely a fan of a lot of derivative work out there though.

I think the best way to do it is to contact the founders and create an open dialogue with them about the project. I believe ultimately they’ll be your biggest asset in this endeavor

inherited from original doodles, yes :slight_smile:

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Only the name ’ Mutant ’ is an imitation, the designs are nothing like bayc


Love the aesthetic overall, If I may, I would advice you guys to look at how Noodles have built up their proposal Noodles Derivative (Formal Proposal) - #4 by ghoul. It might help :slight_smile:

Personally I’d love to have a zombie or other monstruosity version of my dood. It’s kind of the duality of Cute vs Badass !


Love this idea!
The vampire dood is so cuuuuute!
Hope your project will make it!

i like the couple that you have shown. i’d like to see more. cheers

I would love to see a econsystem built around with it. good luck to this project!

I still like this kind of innovation, maybe it can bring us some surprises

I like the art, but I agree that the name “Mutant” should be changed since its a pretty clear copy of BAYC, which I think would diminish the derivative a bit tbh. I also think that holding off on this derivative release would probably be best so that the OG Doodles have some time to make a name for themselves on their own two feet. Even BAYC didn’t release BAKC until ~2 months after initial release, and MAYC didn’t come till about ~4 months after initial release.

Incorporating this project instead into part of a series of derivatives with something like the 3D derivative project might be cool too if you guys would be interested. I left a comment over there with my idea a bit more fleshed out.