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Hey doods.

I joined the NFT space in December 2021 eager to learn more about blockchain technology and these so-called “project communities”. The one project/community, however, that had my undivided attention was Doodles. In October 2022 I officially became a Doodler and it was the best decision I’ve made since entering the space.

After joining the space in late 2021 I dove in head first, eager to make a difference and add value where I can, leveraging my personal and professional strengths.

  • I am an active member of crypto twitter and doodles
  • I connect with people on a daily basis from multiple communities
  • I have helped build projects up as a community member/leader
  • I host spaces regularly unrelated to specific projects, open to anyone where people are free to speak
  • I truly believe blockchain technology is a huge part of our future and I am here to contribute to it in anyway I can

At face value, this may not sound as or more attractive than my competition, but I truly believe someone born and raised in the CT trenches, someone highly active, engaged and present on twitter is just as, if not more, important as IRL qualifications.

IRL Experience -

For the past five years I have worked as a beverage manager and sommelier for a chain of restaurants and wine bars in Los Angeles. The main one being a restaurant called “Great White”. In this role I wore multiple hats as it was, and still is, a growing multi-million dollar brand.

One of my main responsibilities here was in daily financial management: budgeting, PNLs, COGs, theoretical/forecasting revenue and more. Other day to day responsibilities included: leading by example and developing a strong morale amongst the staff, training staff on beverage knowledge, organized tastings with reps, weekly orders/inventory and more. As time progressed and business exploded we opened multiple new locations. I played a major role in hiring, training, forecasting finances and helping design bar setups.

I am currently working at an artisan “natural” wine bar as a sommelier and on the beverage team. I am also leading the financial management overseeing beverage. I took a step down from my larger role in 2022 to pursue incremental opportunities across real estate and web3.

Working in wine has developed my ability to intuit what customers want. Joining the council, I believe I will be a strong resource for doodlers and a seemless bridge between the team and community by leveraging my well-rounded experience in leadership and communication.

Why are you running for the Community Council?

I may not be an OG doodle or a large holder but I have always wanted to be apart of this community. Cross community pollination has always been an integral way to connect with people and learn about other projects. I do this in spaces and many DM group chats, whilst proudly supporting my doodle PFP. I do believe building outside and inside our community is crucial to helping develop doodles and the community for the long-term. If I were given the opportunity to join the council, I will provide unique perspective of both a doodler and a citizen of Web3/CT.

I am here now as a doodle to contribute in anyway I can. I’m excited and will work tirelessly to help bring creators, entrepenuers and event organizers the doodle experience, while maintaining fairness. I am passionate about what doodles and our community is building. I truly believe the council needs members with my fire and energy.

Love you all.



From the trenches :handshake: great to see you apply my dood.


Love what you are doing for doodles in space, you are very talented!

Best of luck MVTTY :people_hugging:

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