Nes6152 for Rewards Lead

Name / Pseudonym: Nes/Nes6152/Nesanel6152

Twitter Handle: @nesanel6152

Discord ID: Nesanel6152#3575

Doodle(s) ID(s): 4497

Qualifications / Experience:

Hello everyone, most of you probably know me only by my web3 identity as a premier thought leader and awe-inspiring persona. However, in my web2 life, I currently lead the Staffing and Talent Acquisition teams for over 1,200 employees at a healthcare company in the greater Chicagoland area. At the beginning of the pandemic, I worked as a Licensed Nursing Home Administrator before transitioning to my current, more corporate-level position. Working in healthcare throughout the pandemic, especially in the staffing field, forced me to be adaptable and creative to ensure that ultimately the residents we served are continuously cared for. When failure is not an option, you learn what you are truly capable of.

Additionally, I started my own small business late last year and opened two vocational schools in the Chicago area to train CNAs and Nurses. Starting a small business has been an immense learning experience for me, and I am beginning to love the journey.

I am also fortunate enough to serve as the Vice President of a New York registered 501c3 with an annual budget of $500,000. We started just six years ago and have raised and allocated roughly $2,400,000. My primary responsibilities are donor relations and events. Giving back to my community has always been something I care deeply about.

I believe i can leverage my wide ranging experience to continue pushing this community forward and rewarding the amazing people that make Doodles my home.

Why are you running for the Community Council?

As a degen trader at heart, this community has always been different for me. The people, the vibe, my fellow kings and queens in Rainbow Hall are all like family to me. Having been in pretty much every other prominent web3 community and a self-proclaimed veteran of the space, I want to bring my knowledge, perspective, and understanding to this council.

When we think about rewards, what we really want is to gain something from holding. That something can mean something different to each person. Most people will tie rewards directly to a monetary benefit.

However, I disagree. Yes, we would all like free money, but there are a ton of tangible rewards that we can implement to enhance the average doodler’s experience. My vision is simple: make the PFP more than a JPG. Create an emotional attachment that goes beyond “numba go up.” Whether we rethink the collector experience and build out unique holder pages complete with meme/gif makers with your doodler, plug-n-play wallpapers and banners to showcase your collection, we can do a lot to add to the customer experience. Maybe we run some giveaways for custom commissions of some doodles from the amazing community artists. Make it more than a PFP.

There are also physical items and experiences we can offer, like Something in The Water, JKB at NYC, and increasing holder meetups. A doodles T-shirt competition (community votes best design, free claimable T-shirt for each doodle) is another idea.

Another idea is to have the DoodleBank support what our Doodles support. Whether it be the Make-A-Wish Foundation or the Red Cross, an idea I had was for the community to submit a non-political cause they care about, and the Doodlebank can match a few donations. We can stand alongside our community members doing good things in this world.

Lastly, as a Doodles Alpha/Rainbow Hall OG, I believe we can do a better job of 1) leveraging the brand to keep bring great opportunities to our holders and 2) doing better by the Rainbow Leads who have worked for the community for almost two years. If elected, I would like to rethink the way some of this is currently structured and make sure we are properly rewarding those who keep rewarding us.

I have been a champion of this brand since reveal day, and I love this community. Being able to plan how best to reward my fellow holders would be an honor and a privilege. Thank you for taking the time to consider my application.



Nes, you’ve been a stalwart in our community. Glad you submitted and an excellent bio/application. Ty

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Thanks my dood! Appreciate your kind words

Nes, all sarcasm aside, you have been a thought leader in our community! Just out of curiosity what ways would you want to see rewards distributed in a way that is only possible through web3 and blockchain? Its such a huge unlock and I think Doodles can lead the way in this area so I wanted to see if you had any thoughts.


I think it’s important to split the teams roadmap and the Doodlebank when I answer this question.

The teams roadmap which I will hopefully give input to will be more web3 and blockchain oriented. Sure the doodlebank can commission art nfts like pukenza and other derivative rewards on the blockchain like noodles, but the real blockchain “rewards” will come from the teams roadmap. Realistically speaking. For example the Dooplicator or Space Doodles.

Part of this role will be to collaborate with the team and give feedback on their plans. In that respect I believe myself to be pretty qualified at understanding the appetite of the collector and the degen.

From a doodlebank perspective I believe the focus should be more offline simply because in the next 6 months I’m assuming the market won’t exactly be ripping and the core energy should be on non web3 rewards at this time.


I can respect this approach for sure, I think there is an appetite for tangible rewards, even some that have a very concrete value which can justify the fp and short term value prop.

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Hey Nes, rainbow hall is one of the looked up upon sectors in doodles even from Korea when I first joined. Always appreciate your contribution, and presence in the doodles community. good luck with your application :slight_smile:

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I’m delighted that you’ve thrown your hat in the ring, Nes.

If we ask ourselves what the priority should be for the initial roll out of the community council, the answer, in my view, is to re-establish trust and to plug back into the mindset that holders are valued. As the doodles brand has expanded, we’ve seen sentiment within the community (and the web3 space more generally) dwindle because of the disconnect between what it means to launch an IP-focused company and what it means to purchase and hold a NFT from the doodles collection.

Nes understands this and has been one of a very few people who has engaged across the full breadth of what the doodles community has to offer. I know Nes mainly from Rainbow Hall where he has traded like a true degen. That gives him a lot of experience in understanding what is happening at the coal face of the NFT world — with a sharpness of mind to see what works, what doesn’t and why. I see this as a critical aspect in circumstances where we would want to see the rewards for holders be attuned to what the market will see as attractive and bring back the real utility of doodles: clout.

But Nes isn’t just a degen trader. He is committed to doodles and has been active in doodler hall, general hall and Twitter, offering entertainment with the best copypasta around but also a solid viewpoint on what is happening with doodles and where we should be heading. He is not a “yes man”: the person you can trust to ask a tough question with courtesy and good intentions is Nes. And that’s why he carries the respect of the community. Indeed, I haven’t come across anyone in this teeth-gnarling world that doesn’t think highly of him and trust his judgement.

Nes also has an impressive background of experience, which fits well with the demands on the Rewards Lead role. He has handled high pressure situations and has the drive and determination to walk his own path.

For what we should be looking for at this first stage of establishing a Community Council, Nes is the ideal choice.

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thanks @CL7611 for the kind words, hope i can do you all proud

One of the best doods out there and an absolute asset to our community. Your experience and passion for doodles make you such an amazing candidate for this role. Best of luck with your application nes :hearts:

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Thanks @treee! means a lot from the GOAT asset.

Very impressive resume ma dood.
Nes is truly what someone would say bleeds rainbow. For me, personally, he’s the #1 community asset we have. When it comes to knowing what this community wants, Nes is your guy. Definitely a thought leader in the community

Even under the current DB config, where we had so many issues, Nes served as a voice to the community and also actively tried to help them by giving constructive feedback. You wouldn’t find that level of commitment from any other applicant.
Nes for council!!!

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Nes is a vibe. While I enjoyed the writeup (impressive resume), it doesn’t really matter to me what his background is, because he champions the doodles brand better than anyone else. Nes is always active and engaging in the community. I can’t think of a better rewards lead than someone who has been so central to the success of doodles alpha


Nes reputation is synonymous with Doodles ethos and the culture it has tried to create over the past few years. He would be an amazing addition to the council who really understands the wants and needs of holders (both degens and collectors). Goodluck Nes.


Would put my name on the line for you any day. One of the most hardest working, selfless people I’ve met in the space.

Definitely have my vote :heart::saluting_face:

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Nes you are indeed one of the most active doodles community members, always keeping a smile on our faces, thank you for what have you done again, and all the best.


Nes, you are what I associate with the word doodler, that’s an awesome application!

Much love for your shaping a vibrant and charismatic image of our community both inside and out doodles

Pleasantly surprised by your expertise in health care and your passion for helping people

Great respect G :heart:

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Appreciate the love from the king himself

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Without even knowing your extensive professional background & experience, I thought you would be well-suited for this role. You have a deep understanding of the community’s needs and always contribute thoughtful ideas to the conversation, and have definitely long-established yourself as a leader.

Excited to see you in the running & best of luck!