"Nesting" / "Docking" your Doodle in Space (Doodles Space Missions)

How do we drive holder loyalty and create an incentive for believing in the long term vision of Doodles? If you’re a believer, put your actions in line with your thoughts. Conviction.

I am proposing a “nesting” or “docking” function while sending your Doodle to space.

While “docked” in space:

  1. your listing is removed from all NFT market places - if you need to sell for whatever reason, simply unwrap/un"dock" your Doodle
  2. your ship receives an “upgrade” every 15/30/45 days (whichever length of time is appropriate to allow for product rollouts)
  3. a tracking mechanism and leaderboard for “distance your spaceship has traveled” consistent with the length of the time the ship has been “docked” - similar to the Genesis Box auction!
  4. send your doodle on space missions to earn resources/artifacts/etc - whatever BurntToasts mind spins up
  5. (optional) eligibility for airdrops or merch releases based on:
    -“docked” length of time
    -“docked” status as true (false/null would receive lesser benefits)

I think this could create tremendous holder value for the community and increase the price of various non-rare doodles based on length of time “docked” and ship upgrades. Additionally, gamifying the process of holding your Doodle and creating a loyalty ecosystem of being a holder.

I would greatly appreciate your support in pushing this proposal forward or generating a discussion around it!

Thank you,

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I have no idea why no one else has replied to this idea. I think its brilliant. I just undocked my 2 Doodles because the spaceship does nothing. They’ve been live since launch day. If they were accruing points of some sort that would be great and an incentive to leave them docked. As it stands Im thinking of selling one Doodle so I can join a few other communities. Incentives like these are what will keep people here for more than the Floor Price.