Noodles Derivative (Formal Proposal)

Thank you for rocking with us! We would like to express our utmost gratitude to the community and the Founders. We are Noodles, a derivative project, and we are writing to “give love and receive love” to/from the Doodles community. Our original post can be found here Doodle Noodles Derivative

Foreword and moving forward:

Noodles was brainstormed by two best friends and NFT junkies who are a part of the Doodles community:

Ethan, previously #6450 (I miss this guy dearly), currently #1970.

Justin, previously #6764 (Holographic Balloon, now owned by Poopie), currently #2357 and #350.

Our initial idea was to create a doodle of Doodles as a humorous joke and eventually take it even further by doing a doodle of a doodle of Doodles. After a week of doodlin’, we had come to the realization that the art we have created should be shared for Doodlers and any NFT newcomers. We decided that our goals would be to:

1. Create a safe and inclusive community that connects everyone from all around the world.

We have a Discord category labeled “Converse with Photos,” and it is our absolute personal goal for everyone in our community to help make the world feel smaller by posting any photos that they have taken during their day. Whether it be a random photo that someone has taken on their subway ride home from work or a photo of a sunrise in their backyard, we find it comforting to know that every person behind that computer screen is a living, breathing human who, although is living a completely unique life, is able to connect with another person in our community. Furthermore, we have also implemented a translator bot to break the language barriers amongst the diverse community we hope to create.

2. Fund the Treasury

We believe that Doodles will break any limitations and barriers that pertain to PFP NFTs and revolutionize the way we perceive NFTs offline and online. As avid lurkers in the Discord, we believe that Doodles’, under the guidance of the Doodlebank and the community, potential is beyond the blockchain. I am proud to be a part of the community and I can not wait to see where we are a year from now.

3. Have fun!

Whether or not we get approved to move forward with our derivative project, we want to make a statement that everyone should have fun. Justin and I took a silly spontaneous idea, ran with it, and have had the most fun we’ve ever had since we entered the NFT space. There is no such thing as any NFTs that are not worthy of being permanently engraved onto the blockchain if you are PROUD of it.

We hope that every one of you will be able to own a piece of Justin and I’s humor. We will do anything under the guidance of the Founders and the TOS to make it happen.

Adhering to Doodrivative Guidelines

  1. Transparencywen dox?

Justin, Fidel, and I are childhood friends who are from Southern California. We are all college graduates who are on different life paths. Justin is an Engineer graduate and our Artist/Backend Developer who has been Illustrating and Photoshopping for about ten years. I, Ethan, am our Community Manager and a Coffee Roaster, hoping to open my own specialty micro-roastery/café in the future. Fidel is our Front-End + Dapp developer who specializes in Fullstack Development who has also founded and ran multiple businesses, specializing in e-commerce and fashion.

A short biography of each individual can be found under #meet-the-creators on our Discord community. We are more than willing to meet the Founders, whether in person or on call, prior to any community vote to ensure the safety of everyone.

  1. Unique art styleOur Noods :eyes:

When we first created our derivatives of Doodles, we wanted to mirror the original to clearly get the joke across. Although the term derivative can be loosely defined in NFTs, we want to respect artistic boundaries. It has never been our intention to “steal” or disrespect Burnt Toast’s color palette and art, but we understand that we should have asked for permission prior to creating our project. Nonetheless, we believe Noodles is derivative that highlights and shows appreciation to his prominent artwork, however, we will happily oblige to any changes that the Founders and Doodlers may find inappropriate and in violation of ToS as we would want to do this correctly and properly.

  1. What Kind of Love?Donald Glover

Here’s the fun part. We will be reserving 2,000 Noodles free mints (-gas) to Verified Doodle Holders in our community. Currently, we have promoted our Discord only to the Doodlebank and we appreciate the 13 amazing Doodlers who have joined us. Furthermore, to show our dedication to fund the Doodles Treasury and uplift project, we will be donating 100% of Open Sea sales royalties to the Doodle Treasury!

  1. Brand safetyProtecting Doodles

We understand the concerns that derivatives, if done incorrectly, could cause brand dilution and potentially even negative damages to the Doodles community. However, we have been strong proponents of doing things ethically and appropriately since the very start of our project. We have refused to promote or advertise our project until we have received proper clearance. We have abstained from promising anything regarding our project and have always directed questions to our Doodlebank thread. As mentioned in the previous thread,

We are open to any guidance, corrections, and suggestions made by the Founders during every step of our project. We will continue to make it very clear that we are derived from Doodles but we are not associated with the team in any manner. Should our communities mix, we will continue to uphold that notion. I agree on changing our name to Noodles as we have already been refraining from using Doodles in our Discord to avoid confusion. If there are any other suggestions regarding branding, please let us know.

We hope that we can shine an appropriate spotlight on the original Doodles.

Boundaries between Doodles & Noodles

Since our initial conversation with Poopie, we have changed our official name to “Noodles” and we are working on correcting our assets to reflect the change. Our objective is simply to create a lighthearted community from our derivative project while funding the Doodlebank.

We are not creating nor are we false-promising any DAO, video game, or a Treasury of our own. We are simply creating a lasting companion for Doodlers and new collectors and to bring in a “comic relief” in the midst of a slow NFT market. We also believe that we are resetting the tone in the way derivative projects interact within the NFT space. By inviting derivative creators into a conversation prior to launching their project, we can maintain a sense of order, shield the original project, and mostly importantly, protect the safety of everyone.

We cordially invite anyone to discuss our proposal and we thank you for reading our proposal!!

We can also be reached on

Noodles Discord: Noodles





Snippets of Noodles:


I love the earnestness of your proposal and the team! YGMI

Given that you’re planning a smaller run of 5000+ noodles, I reflected upon my suggestion of asking for more free mints for the community. 2000/5000 is quite a large portion of the supply and there’s no guarantee that doodlers won’t dump on OS. Even 200 sellers is enough to depress your project’s floor.

I was wrong. Perhaps you can stick with a lower free mint (500 to 1k) and then offer to listen and adjust if the demand is great. This way, you have doodlers who really want in (and bother to sign up early or participate in your community) and if the demand from doodlers is high, you have the option to increase (and look generous).

This also helps assure your non-dood community that what they are buying into is exclusive and wont risk a dump.

P.s. I think you guys should have some of the royalties for yourself too. Unless you’ve already made BAGS in crypto or something, there’s nothing wrong from taking honest earnings from a project you’ve made.

Regardless, I love your attitude and the vibe your team is creating. Keep at it!


Thank you for creating an exemplary derivative proposal :clap:

I’m 100% on-board and will be bringing this to Burnt Toast. @tulip will be chiming in as well.

Some questions:

  1. What would be your timeline from production → ship?
  2. What skillsets does your team lack?
  3. What are the riskiest aspects of the project in your opinion?

Some thoughts:

I strongly believe that you should receive the lion’s share of the royalties, if not, all royalties. At the end of the day, this is your incentive to continue offering support to the community even if it can be seen as a one-off project. It also reduces the overhead in perpetuity. We don’t want to have to chase you for royalty payments years in the future.

I feel like a cleaner compromise is to increase the # of Noodles reserved for Doodlers and have the Doodlebank forego all secondary revenues. I would like to discuss your plans for mint price and primary revenues (with Doodlebank potentially receiving a share) but I understand that this cannot be decided this early into a project’s otherwise you run the risk of leaving money on the table.

Some asks:

It seems like your team moves fast. Feel free to create a preliminary vote in snapshot when you feel ready to get the ball rolling. We can promote this thread in the channels to get people out to vote.

In the next stages, we will want to propose ways where we founders can oversee certain aspects of the project to understand the risks from an execution perspective. What I mean by this is opening up assets to us, minting pipeline code, inviting us to testing rounds, etc.


Hello ayhth! Thank you for your continual support and providing great insight with your suggestions.

I think that is a great idea to incorporate an initial lower allocation of free mints for Doodlers and gradually increase the slots as we grow. We will consider using parts derived from your suggestion and see what works out for us, but ultimately, we would want to include as many Doodlers into our community as we deem fit. Although we understand that monetary elements like floor price can be influential factors on the way the community perceives success, we want to stress that building a strong foundation for our community with both Doodlers and Noodles support is our priority.

Haha, unfortunately I have not. Just simple coffee roastin’ dood. I will still be roasting coffee even if I had hit the jackpot. I definitely will be needing that Coffee Head in the future though.

As mentioned in our Discord, we truly value your opinion and suggestions, and we hope that we can reach out to you for any advice!


Amazing job of an unofficial doodrivative proposal! This seems like such a genuine bit of fun that comes from a truly doodley place and I appreciate the care you’ve put into following the guidelines and making sure it’s a project that supports and plays with Doodles rather than just trying to use the name/image. I agree with what has been said here about you deserving to keep some royalties for yourselves, but the fact that you came here with the intent of creating a fun companion project that gives all proceeds to the Doodles treasury speaks volumes.


Thank you Poopie! I hope that this can be the start of how derivatives should be done. We cannot help but to continue to express our gratitude for the support.

  1. We want to ensure that we are not lacking/overextending in any aspects of our minting process, art, and capabilities. We hold the badge of “Unofficial Doodrative” to the highest regard and would want to make sure everything is up to par and compliant, should it be considered for us. We would love to discuss with the Founders regarding Noodles, so that we can accurately determine a reasonable timeline. We have been working hard to prepare the art, Metadata and website, however whether or not we would be able to use the current assets will also influence our timeline (which we have absolutely no problem pushing back).

  2. First, I want to say that the three Founders are practically the “Exodia Team” of NFTs based on their expertise and we admittingly agree, that we are not the most experienced to launch an NFT project in terms of backend developing. But we do have a smart contract created and a launch checklist in place. We have tested minting through a test-net and through our test website with success. However, we would love for @Poopie sit in with us during a test-run as we work to ensure everything is safe, secure, and smooth. The Founders are free to request access to any assets, processes, contracts, and code from us.

  3. We have been working hard to try and learn to mitigate against potential security risks. However, we feel that it is currently our most vulnerable aspect of our project.

We had a forethought about retaining a certain percentage of royalties and under your strong suggestion, we will reconsider the initial proposal of donating 100% of the Open Sea royalties. In turn, we will be more than happy to contribute a percentage of our primary revenue to the Doodlebank. I agree that this reduces the complexity of processes and allows for a trustless method via Smart Contract.

We will be creating a preliminary vote once we have an inspection and conversation with the Founders!


Thank you Bitty! I hope that we can wear that badge in your honor!

We hope that Doodlers, like myself, can have many companions beside our Doodle. It is the start of a community-created collection. I firmly believe that everything that happens in the Doodlebank will carefully sculpt the future of Doodles.

amazing. proposal is well thought out, !liekliek

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One way to consider management of free mints is to sandwich them.

Let’s say you allocate 1,000 of 5,000 for free minting.

  • Step 1 - Public Mint of 4,000
  • Step 2 - Minting the free mints after step 1 has run its course (to selling out or not)
  • Step 3 - Minting the remaining slots (to get to 5,000 total)

The Public Mint will establish its own floor and provide stability to absorb any price shocks from paperhands.

This allows you to allocate free mints while limiting any floor dumping.

It doesn’t totally mitigate it, but at least minimizes it.


Outstanding proposal, the vibe of doodles is there and transparency amongst the team gives this project a push in the right direction. Looking forward to this project!

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That’s a novel strategy. Have you see this done in other projects?

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Boonji sold out at both Phase 1 and Phase 2. So they never made it to Phase 3.

  • Phase 1 - Sold out and established a floor higher than the whitelist mint
  • Phase 2 - Sold out and many people held. Those that didn’t sold at the higher floor and were rewarded with modest profits
  • Phase 3 - never reached.
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Thanks for the info (in boonji too :slight_smile: ). It isn’t apples-to-apples though. In the Boonji example, had they been required to give out the free mints, it would be in phase 3, but we didnt get to see that?

That said, your suggestion would probably help mitigate downward price pressure or at least stablize it around mint price.

If the initial price discovery brings it say 2x of mint, it’ll still tempt free minters to do a quick flip (volume of free mints matter, imo).

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Love this idea. I have not seen this done in any projects before but I believe it might be a good mechanism to address the floor dumping concerns.

Side note, the Doodles launch was very well executed. Gas transaction fee was the lowest I’ve seen in a long time (0.0089378 eth per Doodle). Would be beneficial if you guys got together w/ the Doodles dev to work together towards this goal.


I vote yes

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@ghoul Noodles!!! Been a big fan of the project and thanks for the advise given to us to go for the Unofficial Doodrivative Badge.

One of the best founders in the space, i respect you immensely and i hope noodles will be the benchmark for future doodrivative!


-unusually bias, Founder of Spookles.

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