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Noundles’ Formal Proposal

I. What we’re Seeking?

We started Noundles after seeing the launch of the Doodles project. It inspired us to create our own project which we hope to make an impact in the NFT space. We are looking to support the Doodle community and receive support back through recognition. We’d be open to working closely with the Doodles team to test utility and direction with Noundles as well.


  • Community Driven
  • Donate and Grow the Doodle Bank
  • Staking for $RAINBOWS, all holders will earn 5 $RAINBOWS each day
  • Access to a more inclusive community

II. Guidelines

  • Transparency

Jeff - Illustrator


I’m Jeff and I’ve been an illustrator for nearly 15 years now… well kinda.

My passion for drawing started when I was just a kid. This was my way of expressing my thoughts and ideas. Growing up and going into college, I took a step back from illustrating as it wasn’t “cool”. I didn’t realize at the time that I lost a part of my self identity. By conforming to society… I ended up giving away a big hobby of mine and my form of expression.

I am now graduated, and I came across Doodles when it was approaching their Official Launch. The art instantly stuck out to me. I got nostalgia from the artwork, and decided to draw again. With the combined help of Nouns, and their push for innovation through open source code, we’ve created Noundles. These two projects have allowed me to discover an old version of myself, a version that was “cool”.

Out of respect for both projects, we’ll be working closely with both teams to ensure that we are following guidelines and are respectful of all boundaries.

David - Full Stack Developer

David has been coding since he was 14. Previously he worked for a tech startup in Silicon Valley.

"I found an intro to coding book in a pile and spent a long time just trying to figure it out by myself. It is honestly hard to think what life would be like if I didn’t get introduced into coding early on in my life.

I am a Full Stack Developer:
Frontend: JQuery, React Redux, Javascript
Backend: Go, C++, Java, Python, PHP, JS, Solidity

Some have said I was lucky that I knew my career direction when I started college. I am graduated and have written a lot of code that I have not been passionate about. Because of the COVID lockdowns it really made me reflect on my career and decided that I need to work on projects I’m passionate about.

I would like the opportunity to grow and follow my passion by building a project that will make both projects proud."

All of our code will be verified on etherscan and open to the public to review.

  • Unique Art Style

Although Doodles has inspired me to draw again, I am very OCD about my work.

I’ve always been someone who was innovative and liked to try new things. I did not want to copy the art of Burnt Toast, but instead used it for motivation and inspiration. Throughout our collection, we actually haven’t use a single Doodle trait besides 1/1s which will be honoraries for Doodle Founders.

  • Love for the Doodle Community

We have decided to give out 1,500 Noundles via FREE mint to the Doodle Community.

We’ve already collected hundreds of Doodle Wallets through our whitelist form, however we’ll be giving out more for snapshot voters.

75% of Royalties will go towards Liquidity for $RAINBOWS

25% of Royalties will go towards Doodles Floor Sweeping and Exclusive Giveaways

  • Brand safety

For the safety of the Doodles community, we are willing to work closely and follow guidelines set forth by the Doodles team. We’ll be allowing the team access to our code, setup calls to go over strategic planning, and allow access to the community wallet.

We will make sure that Noundles creates its own community. Our mission is to empower and inspire through inclusivity. With the support of bluechip communities and networks that we’ve already built, we can make an impact. We want to earn our respect, and will not leech off the success of Doodles to do so.


Look forward to an organic growth and a solid community of Noundles :slight_smile:


I look forward to hearing this news


so exciting for this project


awesome project!! :heart_eyes:
cant wait~


awesome project let’s go to the moon


imo this doesnt really fit the doodles brand


I love these. You’ve got my vote. Keeping guidelines open ended and dictated by the Doodles team is a good decision to get the ball rolling IMO.


I really like these, would love to see this project come to fruition.


My 2 cents on this:

  1. Project is distinct enough from Doodles.

  2. A couple of weeks ago, there were several Doodlers suggesting tokens, floor sweeping, fractionalization, utility,etc. Most of which Doodles will likely not do as it’s not aligned with the vision nor the appropriate use of community funds.

Noundles kinda fills that gap in a safe way, that seems to only have benefits for doodlers and doodlebank.

They can technically do this outside of Doodlebank, but they’re looking for acceptance by the community with the ‘unofficial doodrivative’ badge.

  1. The risks here are on smart contract safety, technicalities like staking costs. L2 vs L1. But given their approach, I’m believe they would be open to sharing the necessary access to the Doodles team.

I would support this precisely because it’s quite different from Doodles and yet benefits the community.



A very potential project, hope more people support!

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$rainbow I love this symbol
How does it work?

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Looks all good to me. As long as they do what they plan to do, I will be a supporter of this one.


By owning a Noundle, you’ll earn 4 $RAINBOWS a day.

There’s no need to pay Gas Fees to stake, just by holding it in your wallet… you’ll be gaining $RAINBOWS.

The $RAINBOWS can then be exchanged for Rewards and Grant Access to future collections and collaborations. For more information:


Congrats SOLD OUT within 45 mins


Looks interesting!!! LOVEEEE ITT!!

Was there a vote on this? I know they minted and sold out, but unsure if we gave formal approval.

Thanks in advance!


Hey no vote on this and no formal approval.

What they are seeking for is recognition (Unofficial Doodrivative). They’ve given 1500 free mints to nouns dao and doodle holders and add to the doodlebank. The move that surprised everyone was the stealth launch! I think it took some Doodlers by surprise in a suboptimal way.

From what I’ve observed so far, apart from saying they want to support Doodles and some Nouns Dao initiaves, they’ve been quite an independent project running on their own steam and community initiatives as opposed to the coat tails of Burnt Toast’s art or shilling in Doodles discord.

In this case without a vote, the missing element is ‘recognition.’ I suppose it’s a good-to-have for the project at this stage and more for Doodlebank to benefit especially working out the money flows. If the project goes it’s own way without support from Doodlebank, it’s fair and I’d be happy for Noundles if they succeed.

My guess is some in the Doodle community will have an objection to all manner of derivative projects. Looking at the art work of Noundle, it’s hard to say it’s a derivative project as Jeff got his own look sorted.


I like the art! I’m interested to see where this goes :slight_smile:

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im pretty down for this

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