Noundles | Noun + Doodles (Derivative)

Whats up Doodz!

We’ve been working on this project ever since Doodles launched.

Started the Project for fun but then received a lot of support from the bluechip community…

Beyond grateful for the support from the Owner & Development team of Nouns along with Gremplin from Cryptoadz!

Really think this is a great opportunity for all of our communities to come together and strengthen the NFT community as a whole. As we all know, the NFT space is evolving quickly. Let’s not forget the foundation of this community and what got us here.

Learn more about the Proposal and Project below
View our Deck

Would love to hear feedback and answer any further questions about this Proposal!


Hi guys,

Saw a post about this on Twitter -

Is this the same project?

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This is us on Twitter :slight_smile:

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I love it! Nicely done.


Congrats on the great response! 10k is huge.
Saw and filled up the google form. Are we too late for the 1000 free mints for doodlers?
Would you consider increasing it to 1.5k so that there’s more time for awareness amongst doodlers and more doodlers can support this?

Just a comment on tokenomics with my limited experience participating in headdao (can’t afford nouns dao):

  • The LP staking rewards were insane compared to the NFT staking. This caused a huge imbalance where it was more profitable to farm LP (50X more) and dump the token as opposed to staking NFTs and getting a slow trickle.

  • Before $rainbow is released, there has to be a killer use case (aside from restaking it via LP) to incentivize hodling. I would advise against giving out $rainbow too quickly.

  • Some suggestions on managing $rainbow:

  1. $rainbow lottery: stake rainbow to earn tickets for weekly lottery (i.e. 10 rainbow = 1 ticket). Lottery prize = doodles. This keeps the association to doodles top of mind, increases synergy and allows non-doodlers have a chance to own a dood via Noundles.

  2. Create a doodles:$rainbow LP pool on sushi swap (NFTx - doodles), fund the initial liquidity and allow conversion of $rainbow to doodles. This way it benefits the doodles and $rainbow stakers via NFTx.

  3. Facilitate $rainbow to be spent on doodles economy. E.g. purchasing doodles from a Noundles vault, tipping 3d artists like @cfw

  4. $rainbow for breeding 2 or more noundles to form 1 noundle family/posse that has increased staking rewards and voting power.

I might be jumping the gun with all these and I’m sure you’d have thought through it as well. In any case, all the best with the launch!


Thank you @ayhth, did not expect the overwhelming amount of support it has been incredible!

I believe there is still some room left for the initial 1,000 Doodlers. We’d be open to increasing this to 1,500 to raise awareness behind the project.

So the team have put a lot of thought into the staking of Noundles and the tokenized economy. We have some great utility prepared for $RAINBOWS which we can’t discuss fully yet. However, we can say that $RAINBOWS will grant access to future collections and acts as a pass to all things Noundles.

All great ideas honestly, but we want to note that we are not a DAO. We will have funds set aside for Floor Sweeping to show support to the Doodles. Giving back the Doodles straight to the community, allowing others to have a chance in entering this amazing community. We will not be fractionalizing Doodles.

Breeding is something that we’ve discussed as well and are willing to explore the option of.


Yes, increase to 1500 (or more) please!

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Our website is now Live with more information:

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Would love to see this project be put up for preliminary voting with ironed out details regarding doodle bank support methods!


You had me at floor sweeping. :grin:

Imo your project could fulfill the utility some doodlers have requested for but isn’t appropriate for the Doodles to execute on because of brand & vision. The DAO space is getting really crowded. Curious to see how this pans out.

Will you be resubmitting the proposal based on the guidelines (which you contributed to as well)?


Thank you, and yes I think that’s a huge benefit Noundles can provide for the Doodle community. We can execute utility for the community which doesn’t directly relate to Doodles and the mission that they have set forth.

I’ll resubmit based on the updated guidelines! :slight_smile:

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Thanks @Avenge! Saw the updated proposal.

@Poopie requesting a lock on this thread too.

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yes same project - the Noundles game is now live

Closing this topic as the game and project are already live.