Organic Brand Awareness Campaign on Twitter


Create a brand awareness campaign on Twitter around the creation of an animated doodle pfp customised for 3 celebs selected by the community.


1st stage

Create a Twitter post similar to the one below, with a video/gif showing Burnt Toast and Alfiemotion sketching and animating a doodle, together with copy highlighting the purpose and the call to action of the post.

2nd stage

Admin/founders/moderators choose the seven best suggestions from the comment section which then go to a public vote. A vote post is created where the 3 celebs with the most votes wins.

3rd stage

Burnt Toast and Alfiemotion creates three doodle versions with the specific characteristics of the 3 celebs.

4th stage

Each doodle celeb is announced a day before and then posted together with information on how the celeb can retrieve his/hers animated pfp through a DM.


To bring a broader awareness of doodles to a mainstream audience, either through the spread of the post through organic reach by people commenting and tagging their favourite twitter celeb, or/and through potentially having the celeb using the pfp on his/her twitter.

3 potential outcomes

Worst case scenario

The post together with the finished doodles gather a couple hundred likes, 50-70 retweets and 30-70 comments. None or little engagement from the celebs or their fanbase. Outcome as a regular doodle post.

Medium case scenario

The post together with the finished doodles gather thousands of likes, hundreds of retweets and hundreds of comments. Some engagement from the celebs, and some engagement and follows from their fanbase, together with others from the NFT space.

Best case scenario

Same as the medium scenario with the exception of one of the celebs actually implementing the animated pfp and organically promoting the project with a post, and perhaps investing in a doodle.


Payment to Burnt Toast and Alfiemotion for their time creating the animated pfps.


Dependent on the doodle creation. The campaign should be released when animated pfp are released by Twitter.


Love this idea. We should think about which celebs have personalities/values that align with the Doodles brand – positivity, friendliness, etc. Kristen Bell, Tom Hanks, Oprah, etc.

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