Phuzzy For Events Lead

Name / Pseudonym: Phuzzy

Twitter Handle: DarkStarNFT

Discord ID: Phuzzy#2341

Doodle(s) ID(s): 1549

Qualifications / Experience:

GM Doods and Doodettes, how’s it going? I’m Phuzzy and I have years of experience in music event promotion, with venue contacts across the USA, my home country. I have made a career independently running a design company, tech consulting for businesses and touring as a musician. I have ghostwritten social media posts for Super Bowl winning quarterbacks, television personalities and even a few for a former first lady. I am proficient in many coding languages and graphic design platforms. In the last 2 years, I have consulted and advised four NFT projects. My responsibilities across these projects included social media strategy, discord building and management, art direction, front end web development, collab managing and, most importantly for this position - event planning and execution.

I love to build experiences that make attendees feel special, valued and empowered. Often the devil is in the details - it is about listening to what the community wants, what they are missing here that other communities are offering, and what we can do to push the limits of what an NFT holder can expect from an IRL experience. I love to form partnerships and onboard sponsors in order to keep our costs low while keeping the party hype. Doodles has a track record for next level IRL experiences and I look forward to helping build upon this by overseeing Doodle events across the world.

Though I am relatively new to Doodles (about 5 months), I am a veteran of NFTs and crypto. Watching Doodles since launch, it was evident that this art was different and that this community has the potential to define what an NFT based, multimedia art and animation company can be. I think being a new member of the community is a strong suit. I am not jaded, I am full of enthusiasm for the future of Doodles. I love seeing our community’s art derivatives, degening in Rainbow Hall, and seeing Doodle holders thrive in the Web3 space. Though things can seem bleak at this point, I am a firm believer in the cyclical nature of Web3 and know that there is a lot in store for us right around the corner.

Why are you running for the Community Council?

Doodles events have the ability to bring our community together in ways that online activities can not - they give us a chance to celebrate Doodles, meet our brothers and sisters, network, feel proud about who we are, talk shit about other collections, have a great time. One of Doodlebank’s purposes is to empower us to do this. We need regular meetups to happen across the globe. Doodles is a worldwide brand and we should leave no cluster of holders feeling unrepresented. As Events Lead, I will first engage the community to build a sense of where these events would best take place (ie. where the highest saturation of holders are, or events that our holders may be traveling to), and build a network of event creators to take the local lead in executing them. This network is essential, and as Events Lead, I will help the local event host build fun events that participants will leave with a sense that they have a strong community of like-minded holders and that they are taken care of by Doodles.

I had the pleasure of hosting the Doodles NFT NYC Community Pre-Party just this past week. This was just the second event funded by the Doodles Community Fund. I successfully went through the process of proposing, planning and executing a gathering of 40 Doodle holders and their guests. In doing so, I was able to perceive and then work through roadblocks in the process. Since one of the goals of the Doodlebank is community empowerment, I see the need to focus on streamlining and supporting event hosts. Working with the Treasury Lead, I vow to bring clarity to the payment process to ensure all event creators are grounded in their responsibilities and assured when reaching into their own pockets to cover costs. There are details to be worked out: are payment methods flexible, is a deposit warranted, is there a potential tax liability to the host, and more… Discussing this with the community and structuring events in a transparent way is essential.

Events come in all shapes and sizes. Not everything needs to be a huge undertaking to be successful. In fact, we need to stress that event hosts have a fiduciary duty to the community. Budgeting and strategizing our event schedule is essential. There are many questions to explore in this initial iteration of the Council:
-How can event creators best use their funds?
-How can we maximize the Doodlebank to keep these events running consistently for the foreseeable future?
-How do we keep these events on brand?
-Can we also have a focus toward new community outreach?
-Are there opportunities for return on investment for the Doodlebank?
-Let us not forget, we have one of the world’s premiere talents in Pharrell. No stranger to events big and small, how can we best utilize his position to advise on and empower Doodle community events?

There are many initial questions and likely problems that could spring up in this initial Council. I look forward to meeting those challenges and am prepared to give extra time and effort to see we lay the framework for a strong future in bringing Doodle holders together to celebrate our collection’s art, our own talents, and our position at the forefront of Web3.

In closing, it would be an honor to serve as your Event Lead in the initial Council. Know that I will work hard to build the best community events that grow our IRL networks. And I hope, whoever the winner may be, they consider what I’ve outlined above to ensure we have sustainable, prosperous events in our collective future.

Any supplemental information (documents, links, etc.):

Just a shot taken at the recent NFT NYC meetup, taken by CKT. And a shout out to CKT, Digital Emissions and Mushy for their efforts in assisting that this event went smoothly.


Great application Phuzzy. Love that you’ve got some experience in the area. Fresh eyes are awesome. I saw you mentioned ckt the :goat:. I’m interested to see how this events lead role can be used in tandem with ckt’s community fund proposal to show that doodles love all over the globe because, as we all know, our asian doods and doods in other parts of the world, aren’t really feeling that love from main events mostly hosted in the US.

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Party looked like a great time. Excellent application


Thank you Roops - it is a great question. I see CKT’s proposal as a pilot model for how the eventual flow of events would lead, ie establishing budgets, supporting event preparation, establishing key metrics of a successful event. It is true we need to think globally, and that’s why I laid out my idea of how to do so. First, engage the community to find locales that would lead to successful IRL events - specifically targeting regions that need to feel and spread the love. Then build a subcommittee, if you will, of localized point persons to execute the events. Once this foundation is built, it will be easier to sync worldwide meetups. I also do think online activities should play an critical part of Events. There are likely a large amount of holders not near large cities, how do we cater to their needs and give them the space and opportunity to feel taken care of by Doodles? That is an important piece to explore as well.


Thanks fren, I appreciate you

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It’s very refreshing to see you’re not only thinking about the goto “parties only” direction. Appreciate that you’ve looking at the term events holistically and the fact that it can take many forms e.g. doodle putt or online events

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Great app Phuzzy!

Love to see your passion and experience :mechanical_arm:

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Thanks. Yeah in essence, I believe there needs to be a positive takeaway from events, even if not tangible, that Doodles as a whole can gain from hosting these events. How do we come away from an event in a better place: both internally as a community and externally, from a public facing perspective. Partying is cool, and definitely necessary from time to time, but having consistent, professional presence around other Web3 or lifestyle events will add broader reach and visibility, in my opinion. Build case studies based on a smart, monetarily efficient event template for this type of activation… and future ones can run smoothly.

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thank you bamboo, best of luck with your application as well

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