Pixel Bytes Airdrop/Free Mint for Doods

Hey frens :wave:

I’m the proud owner of Doodles: 1229, 1185, 1164, 1156 :face_with_monocle:

As you may know, a derivative to Cool Cats/Apes - a project named 24px has been wildly popular. Thus, I’m proposing “Pixel Bytes” or “Bytes” as a homage to “Doodles”. In my mind, I wanted to give back to the Doodles community for what they’ve given to me, while fostering new ways for the community to interact in the Eth ecosystem.

Reference images above ^

A bit of background on myself - I’ve released a few SOL projects and ETH projects to mild success and have worked with teams like The Skeleton Crew, Legion Punks, etc…


The Skeleton Crew Airdrop listed above ^

My main focus is animated work, to which if there is a need - I would love to provide animated pixel pieces!

The reason for a 2eth fee is to draw the artwork and assemble the layers, as well as averting my time from other projects to provide quality work for the community :smiley:

Personal twitter - https://twitter.com/samuelgigi
Project twitter - https://twitter.com/pixelbytes_nft

I think this could be a way to retain Doodle holders and drive incentive towards the genesis project, while providing an alternative derivative that can serve as an easier entry point for those who do not have enough liquidity to afford 1-2eth.

This project will be done in a 36x36px format exported at 1080x1080 for quality retention.

See 24px Cats below -


  • List item 3,333 Bytes to be airdropped and/or available for mint via Mainnet for Doodle holders, all remaining will be available to the public.

  • List item Payment to samuel-forrest for their art contribution (2eth)

  • List item 5% secondary royalties going to samuel-forrest and 2.5% to a Pixel Bytes community wallet (for future development and expansion)

  • List item Cost for web3/smart contract (1-2eth)

Of course, I am always open to suggestions and want to provide the best experience for community members. Let me know your thoughts and how I can improve on the original proposal, always here to help!


Nice explanation and beautiful artwork. Thanks for that.

The main thing that was interesting to me about your proposal was transparency. Also the fact that you are asking for a reasonable funding is also good. I have few questions in general:

  • The overall NFT space is shifting from Pixel and 2D designs toward 3D models of NFTs. Is there a good reason we want to be among all the other Pixel nft collections?

  • Is the objective for this project is to expand the audience of Doodle holders? e.x to have a more affordable version of Doodles, so more people, like students or teenagers, can also get into our community? Or are there other reasons behind this project?


I think largely it is about having a better entry point for people in the market - as someone who was lucky enough to be on the whitelist, I know a lot of people feel like they missed out…

While the mint size is not large, I think you fulfill two things by providing a project like this

  1. People who were not involved previously, may have an interest due to the type of artwork being created (although you mentioned the space is shifting towards 3D designs, there are still a number of projects being released that have been successful - as seen as Boryoku Dragons on SOL, HeadDAO on ETH, as well as Monkeverse (15k discord) and Swampverse (46k discord) as two unreleased projects that are soon to be minting)… At a lower entry point than Doodles (even original mint was quite expensive at .123)

  2. Being linked to the pixel derivative would be beneficial for Doodles as a form of marketing if it was successful in the same sense (which we’ve seen with 24px)

Largely the hype is dependant on if genesis members are actually interested in a project like this, which can exist with or without the Doodles team - but, I think if there was a derivative to be created, it makes sense to find the support of like-minded members and create something that reflects multidisciplinary art throughout the space

In short…

Pixel art is relatively easy to make and inexpensive as opposed to 3D/2D/Animated 2D - with little to no cost and a healthy pool of owners + ecosystem, you can generate revenue for owners post-bull market fairly easily

But it is all dependant on the quality of the project and the demand, which is clear from the huge doodles audience, but whether or not members are interested

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Absolutely love the art! Would love a matching pixel Doodle for my Doodles! Wish you all the best and you have my support

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hi @samuel-forrest great concept. Do post up your discord link. i want to take a look. twitter link is broken.


Here you go :slight_smile: