Pixel Bytes Free Mint/Airdrop for Doods Proposal v2

Hi Doods :wave:

I previously proposed this concept to the DoodleBank and received a 60% majority on 400 people voting - thank you for your support!

To further iterate on the initial concept, I would love to invite my fellow Doods to provide their insights/reflections on the concept and re-read the new proposal.


  • Create an unofficial “official” Pixel Bytes Airdrop/Mint that will be available for all Doodle
    holders on a first come/first serve basis to reward active community members and/or doodles within the space.


  • 1-2 Eth for Smart Contract development( a cost that is incurred by the fact that I am an artist and sadly not a coder).


  • Out of a potential 7.5% that secondary royalties would be set at, 2.5% would go straight to the Doodlebank, 2.5% would go to the PixelBytes community wallet (for future advertising and design), and 2.5% would go to the artist (Samuel-forrest) which would require an equivalent of 50e volume to repay the smart contract development cost.


  • I will do the art for completely free, as I mentioned previously - I just want to create something that the doodles can enjoy.
  • The supply will be cut from 3333 to 777.


  • Community-owned px derivative, which have been wildly popular with communities like 24px, Cosmic Wyverns, Monkeverse, and Swampverse.
  • Additional income to the DoodleBank with percentage royalties based on the derivative.
  • Additional community members can join the initial community by extension of owning a Pixel Byte.


  • This does serve as potential exposure for the artist, whom the initial team may not want to be associated with.
  • Anything that Pixel Bytes does, can be seen as an extension of the primary project (which can be negative or positive).
  • Over saturation of the “Doodle” market, leading to a feeling of less exclusivity.

If there is not an interest, I won’t continue on with the project from a minting standpoint and release them on OpenSea for fellow Doods to claim (still for free!)

Discord: Pixel Bytes

Twitter: https://twitter.com/pixelbytes_nft



Totally in love with this art! I would be more than willing to help out with the smart contract deployment/back end/dapp deployment as well!

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I love the art, cant wait to have a pixel doodle!

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Will it become 3D type as like as kongz VX? It’s freaking cool

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I think these are really neat! if only 777 is it just a first come first served basis?

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Originally planned to have 3333 - but yes, a first come, first served :slight_smile:

These are adorable!!! love them!

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These look amazing! Would love to own one.

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those pixel doodles are so cute!

Thanks @samuel-forrest for giving this another shot.
I may be complicating things or speaking out of my depth, so feel free to shoot this idea down :slight_smile:

Since these are little pixel doods… what if instead of just a derivative collection, these are the POAP /NFT ‘badges’ you can claim after you vote? If there’s a way to track the number of times a person votes on snapshot.org, perhaps you get the airdropped one of your doods likeness after 3 votes for preliminary or final votes.

That way:

  1. Incentive to vote (@LedroitTiger your thoughts?)
  2. The supply can potentially go up. For example, capacity for 1500 voters. Today we have about 500 to 700 voters turning up.
  3. Still keeping with the community owned aspect. Royalties ok. But this solves a problem we have for getting doods to vote.

Love this idea. This way pixelbytes would have much more utility !


I’m not an expert on branding so it’s hard for me to juge the risk/value of such projects. I like the looks though :ok_hand:t3:

Also, good idea @ayhth


Had no idea how much I needed pixel doods until now!


Love this idea! I think providing utility, as you’ve mentioned, incentivizes interactivity and engagement from others within the Doodles ecosystem - I’m more than happy to alter the direction of the project to accommodate for this!

I would be curious to see how the airdrop portion works, as it would be quite costly via ETH - although, perhaps after x amount of votes you then receive the eligibility to mint the badge and/or Byte?

Ultimately, I’m more than open to having the work out there - I just want to deploy it in the most cost-effective and useful way possible :star_struck:


I guess people would need to mint their badges. That would make the most sense


A yes for me! Very appreciative of fellow Doodles that want to create more art for the community.


These look fantastic!