POAPs for Votes

We would like to propose incentivizing participation in Doodlebank Snapshot votes by awarding collectable POAPs to voters. We would like to test the waters with the recent Pukenza vote that happened to gauge interest and excitement about this idea, with a fun raffle for those who participate.

Cool… what’s a POAP?
POAP stands for “Proof of Attendance Protocol” and basically there is this fun website (www.poap.xyz) where people can collect unique digital badges from all kinds of things they participate in, like events they’ve attended etc., kind of like stamps in a passport to show the journey of your life experiences. A POAP is one of those badges.

Why do I want a POAP?
For fun! For the flex! To collect them all! To have a fun provable way to show the wonderful story of your history of active participation with Doodles as it progresses and flourishes over time. Also, there could be the potential of future benefits to holding certain amounts of voter POAPs.

Sweet! I love collecting things and proving my Doodles love! How do I get my hands on one?
Well, we’re going to start out with one of our most recent votes to see how this goes: Pukenza. If you voted in that initial Snapshot vote, you are eligible to claim your very own Pukenza Voter POAP!

To claim:

Go to the link above and enter the ETH address you used for the Snapshot vote. Ezpz.
(If you participated in the Snapshot vote but are having trouble claiming, @itsmechase has graciously offered to help you navigate this. He asks that you please contact him via Twitter DMs. His Twitter is also @itsmechase.)

But wait, there’s more!!! Custom Pukenza Raffle!!
We’re having a raffle for those who claim their POAPs! What?? I KNOW! The creator of Pukenzas himself, @L3xc, has agreed to create a CUSTOM PUKENZA for 10 lucky Doodles!! These will be an image for your personal use and enjoyment, not an NFT, separate from the collection, but no less awesome!

To enter the raffle:

  1. Claim your Pukenza Voter POAP (instructions above)
  2. Go to POAP Fun 🎉
  3. Connect the wallet that contains your brand new shiny POAP and enter the raffle before 7pm PST December 3rd.

Huge shoutout to the masterminds behind this initiative: @ayhth, @itsmechase, @Jer, @L3xc, @LedroitTiger, @mazemaze, and @AceNFT!

Sincerely yours,
@Bitty (Doodle#8299)



This is a good idea :+1:


I predict this will be a POAPular idea! :wink:


Love it! I really had to resist the urge to add (#POAPemon) after I said “collect them all” lol. And the urge to title this thing “A POAPOSAL!” :laughing:


Dammit. That looks messy. I tried to reply to you, then thought I’d just posted in general without replying, so I deleted that comment to try again, and now it forever says (post deleted by author). HELP! TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES! :laughing:


Really digging this idea peeps, great suggestion. Let’s hope it gets the people going and that engagement up to the level that we are hoping for.


LFG! I hope I win the custom Pukenza :wink:


Love this! defo behind this, I cant join the raffle for some reason!


managed to get on!! done!

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Keep going with the great work!

Sharing the results of our experiment (just the claim period leading up to the raffle):
147 POAP claims over 6 days, 96 raffle participants, 10 raffle winners.

Some learnings:

  1. Friction from having to connect to 2 things: POAP and to Raffle site: in future-> just 1 action or integration of POAP module into snapshot.

  2. Better education and clear, sustainable incentives if POAP were to be a thing.

Examples of the winner’s Pukenzas! Thanks to @L3xc for the wondering work!




Wow I wish i was involved in this. I had been hacked over 12 grand and was so disillusioned and upset i couldnt even take part in discords. I had and still have so much to learn…

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