Pokemon type game with Doodles


To create a turn based PVP game similar to Pokemon derived off doodles metadata

Value Proposition

  • Entry Fees - an entry fee to play this game would be required and the winner of the game would get the winnings minus a commission.
  • Extensibility - we can extend this platform to other NFT collections
  • Cross-chain branding - by using a transaction optimized blockchain/graph network, we can also increase brand awareness to faster growing ecosystems.

MVP Requirements/Needs

  • UI with selectable game actions
  • User Authentication
  • Mapping of metadata to a matrix of [player moves x effectiveness against types]
  • Smart Contracts to store game actions (low tx fees needed)
  • VRF (randomizer) contract call for game actions (chainlink?)
  • game to operate on a cheaper secondary chain and possible need for free mintable game pieces for hodlers for said secondary chain
  • third party developers hired, code is reviewed by doodle team.

I like it but probably resource intensive with decent risk of failure (many stories of indie game failing) and could defocus the team from other core activities.

=> Would rather we license the game creation to an established AAA studio against royalties.

TV shows - gaming - etc are definitely to be explored.


I have to say that licensing the game creation sounds much more feasible. Brand would only be in charge of supporting marketing initiatives.

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