Proposal: Children’s bedtime story books based on the Doodles Universe

The purpose of the project is to bring to market a simple commercialization of the Doodles universe within the framework of an IRL channel that already has distribution, scale and economic activity which is largely dependent on unique visual components that help drive value.

The idea is simply to kickoff a series of children’s books with the intention of bringing to life different Doodles, making use of their unique traits as seeds for lore/story, and to follow the Doodles aesthetic such that the brand can begin to gain mindshare with young audiences whose growing interest in Doodles can compound into future projects like toys, movies and so on.

We chose a children’s book because it is effectively a waterfall project: the inputs and outputs are generally pretty known and there isn’t a need to reinvent the wheel. Only execute.

The general mechanism will be to sell direct-to-consumer via a Shopify storefront and to raise some funds either from the community (in a private mint) or through Doodlebank to power and launch the project.

Provided a successful pilot, the idea would be to persist these children’s books and to release different chapters based on traits, themes or anything else in between.

Community Benefit
By and large, the main benefit we’re after is the ability for a given Doodle to perceived commercialized value from the IP that Doodle represents. In this case, it’s an opt-in project enabling anyone who owns a Doodle to allow this project to use the Doodle within its story in exchange for a share in the ongoing net proceeds this project will produce.

On an ongoing basis, the revenue split would look something like

  • 80% of net profits split among Doodles
  • 10% to Doodlebank
  • 10% to project team

The budget allocation is to be determined for now

The endgame is to have a self-sustaining, bootstrapped business that can repeatedly release new and innovative content derived directly from the collection, with an equally self-sustaining and recurring benefit for any Doodle involved.

An alternative approach might aim to include all 10,000 Doodles into the project as a low-level benefit of owning a Doodle outright, rather than being opt-in. This would likely be the case provided the project were to be fully funded from the Doodlebank.

General mechanism & process

  1. Source ~50 high-rarity doodles, outreach to owners, request access to IP from which to create bedtime stories. These 50 doodles would receive direct sale royalties from the book their Doodle is featured in
  2. A Doodles-exclusive private sale aiming to raise 100-150 ETH from within the community (and/or Doodlebank). The total amount should be based on the expected costs to get the project launched + a small team reward for executing the project.
  3. Any Doodle who buys into the private sale gets pro rated revenue share from the book moving forward (each edition funded separately), separate from royalty payments going to owners of Doodles used in the stories
  4. The proceeds are used to produce the content, source means of production, publishing to retailers and marketing for a go to market direct-to-consumer via a Shopify storefront

General order of execution

  1. source production/print-on-demand partner, get idea of cost per unit + economies of scale thresholds
  2. bring on 1-2 artists who own doodles and already make fan art, and kickoff content production
  3. model the mint, price it, get an idea of how much is needed to produce first batch, build a site and queue up some ad budget
  4. mint 200-300 royalty tokens at 0.5 eth each. We raise 100-150 eth for production and marketing. 80% goes to project, 10% goes to team, 10% goes to doodlebank. Mint is only available to existing doodles owners. Must have a doodle to mint.
  5. design and produce first batch of books, ideally print-on-demand as we sell
  6. launch ecommerce and GTM with ads + sell direct to community as well
  7. distribute profits (converted to ETH) every month to participants and doodlebank
  8. repeat by releasing more books/chapters with other doodles and/or trait-focused stories. Aim to release a new book every quarter

Looking for initial feedback.

Happy to organize these thoughts into a deck instead. Just wanted to get it out of my head for now.

Open to ALL ideas and feedback. I just want to execute on something that will create 3-way value for the ecosystem.


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I don’t think this should be a community project. It seems like it should be tied to the general strategy and roadmap from the founders and not an offshoot.

Maybe a simpler idea would be to create a coloring book - no lore, no big raise, just some fun to share with kids.

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Hi dood,

Love your proposal, it’s pretty clear you gave a lot of thoughts to the business model and the intrinsics mechanisms that would help us to make it happen.

As you may know, a story book based on Doodles IP is one of the most recurring idea that have been submitted to the DB, which is a good sign : we all tend to agree it would be a perfect fit for the brand, and a great opportunity to explore.

Most of these proposals didn’t make it through though, just like the animated TV show for instance. I believe this is because the potential success of these initiatives, the added value of this product, is mostly based on the actual content (storytelling, visuals, characters) that will be produced.

In other words, to have some traction among the community and to entice it to push your idea forward, you should come with more concrete details : a couple of visuals, a mood board, some names of writers / illustrators you have in mind, a synopsis…

In short, tangible elements on which people could rely :slightly_smiling_face:

Just my 2 cents, would be glad to brainstorm with you on these matters, and ty again for this piece of work !

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Great proposal and love the idea/concept. I agree with benchman re: including some content and creative samples to get buy-in from the community and/or founding team. I think a lot of us are also expecting some creative IP/ownership and licensing models from the founding team, especially given Julian’s new role as CEO and the expertise he brings to the Doods –– so until that gets figured out it would be difficult to vote on a community-based proposal around IP creation and licensing.

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Thank you for your constructive feedback!

I do apologize in regards to repeating the idea. In forums I try not to resurrect old threads where possible, but I must admit I hadn’t search for this. Either way I appreciate that you mention that, now I can go check out the general feedback from last attempts.

Generally though ideas are dime a dozen (as can be seen in this case). It’s the implementation I’d like to figure out and get feedback on. I think details can be figured out and I’m obviously more than open to working within the framework of the Doodles team vision and roadmap, should they choose to set any boundaries.

I agree with all of your feedback.

The starting idea was actually a coloring book as there wouldn’t necessarily have to be any ‘story’ to it, just a bunch of existing Doodles assets being colored in. The important element was not to encroach on Doodles core IP while empowering the owner of each Doodle (the person who arguably owns the IP of that Doodle as long as they own it?) to reap a tangible benefit.

I had also planned for the coloring book to come packaged with pastel crayons such that the filled in colors could remain on-brand. I ran into a few complications as it relates to things like Holo backgrounds and colors, and was unclear on how to easily make it possible to fill in multicolor segments which would likely be part of some of the rarer/cooler looking Doodles.

Either way, I completely agree and in the interim of figuring out the details, I’d venture to say that the story book can very much be interchanged into a coloring book, with the execution of the strategy and model being identical.

I’m definitely going to work with other Doodle friends to come up with a moodboard of some kind to help materialize this. I know just the Doodle. :slight_smile:

Thanks again!

Apoio!! Gostei da ideia se for pra frente o projeto faço questão de fazer parte, a galera do Brasil vai amar e vai incentivar a prática da leitura!