Proposal for approval

Hi doodles.

I would firstly like to do a short intro. I am Symesy a web3 artist also known as the king of mash ups. I’ve been in web3 for a year and a half now growing my skills and learning the space! Now it’s time to grow myself.

I am proposing an idea based on two projects, Doodles and AKCB. The base style is like burnt toast robber hose and the traits are build mostly from AKCB.

After talking with Rafsby the founder of AKCB he has agreed to co sign my derivative project as long as doodles will also agree to co sign for approval.

The project name will be ‘A Rubber Hose Beast’ and at this stage it is only posted on my personal Twitter
I am still currently drawing the traits and art however wanted to seek approval from both party’s. Currently I have used 3 doodles style traits. The check, sticky note and the dot eyes.

To conclude I am asking if it is possible to use a minor amount of the doodle traits (see in images below) along with the rubber hose style onto my art? In return I am willing to talk about terms of compensation for doodles and how doodles may be able to benefit.

Thanks for your time hope to hear all your thoughts.
Here’s an image to help see the idea. More to see on my Twitter