Pukenza Airdrop for Doods

Hey Doods! Hope you’re having a good morning/afternoon/evening/night when you read this :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Doodle pictured: #276 (My doodle)

Background on Pukenza

Lim aka L3xc recently created a generative art piece inspired by Tyler Hobbs’ article about Flow Field and Fidenza combined with the colour palette of Doodles. The piece is called Rainbow Puke over the Flow Field aka Pukenza. Here is the link to the original tweet. The piece gained lots of popularity and Evan even asked for his iconic doodle to be Pukenza-fied, tweeting from the official Doodles twitter.

For those of you who don’t know, Lim is a generative artist and also working as developer at WestCoastNFT (the company that did the smart contract work for Doodles). I think this art is awesome and it would be a nice little treat to Doodle holders whilst rewarding an artist that is deeply involved with the Doodles community!


  • Pukenza pieces to be airdropped to the holders of all 10,000 Doodles
    • Done through Polygon like most other projects to save a lot on gas fees
  • Payment to L3xc for their art contribution
  • 7.5% secondary royalty, all going to L3xc
  • Cost of smart contract work + deployment (minimal, can be done through WestcoastNFT)

Proposal size: Stacks – I’m suggesting 3ETH to L3xc + cost of contract

Let me know what you think :smiley:

Edit: Topics of discussion

Free mint on ETH, holder pays gas vs. Free airdrop on polygon, holder pays nothing

L3xc said below: “I think it’s best to let the community decide which method works best. Claim mint costs $30-$90 gas and requires some dev time (for the claim site and contract) but provides a better after-mint value for holders. And no snapshot is required.”


Thanks for doing this Jeremy! I’m really happy with how Pukenza turns out and the community response to it (especially the Doodle founders). Hope this can get Pukenza into the hands of as many Doodles holder as possible.


I really love this. Does the proposal include a lightweight front-end to support the minting and verification of consumed free mints?


That is if we want to go with the claim mint method where the doods will go to a site to ‘claim’ their pukenza (free + gas cost). I’m like this method too because WestCoastNFT did one for Vogu (mutt drop) and it keeps everything in ETH.

The initial proposal proposed a free airdrop where doods don’t need to claim and will see this directly in their wallet. Gas cost is entirely on the sender hence airdrop is almost always in Polygon/Matic (gas is free). Coolcats did the airdrop this way.


My bad for missing airdrop twice in the post.

I totally get it. How/when is the snapshot decided?


The snapshot would be arbitrarily set, we could have it x days after the proposal is voted in. Let’s say 1 week after it gets confirmed.


no problem! You did bring up the interesting claim mint. I think it’s best to let the community decide which method works best. Claim mint costs $30-$90 gas and requires some dev time (for the claim site and contract) but provides a better after-mint value for holders. And no snapshot is required.


Great point, I’ll append this to the bottom of OP for readability.

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you can also just do claim through contract directly on etherscan if you dont want to setup a website for an ETH based claim

I do think the secondary value of pukenza will be significantly higher if we do it on mainnet Ethereum, they could very well go on to be THE main doodle derivative… DOODRIVITIVE


Idea is great, art is (really) great, let’s get this done :heart_eyes:


Love this. Thank you so much for throwing it out there! :heart:


love this lets get this done!


i think this is brilliant!


It’s so cool!Love this😍
Let’s get it done​:rainbow::heart:


nice.It’s so cool~~~~


Also love this idea! Hope we can make it happen!


love it. would prefer eth chain


As much as I’d love for it to just be a free airdrop, I agree with the sentiment brought up in Discord that Ethereum gives it more “legitimacy” in terms of future resale value and whatnot, since I’ve noticed with other projects that people are pretty dismissive of things on Polygon.


This looks awesome. Very supportive. Will +1 the comment to avoid Polygon despite the insanely lower gas (sigh) to retain legitimacy


Great idea. Love the art.

Question - What happens if not all 10,000 pieces are minted out? Is there a way for non-Doodle owners to participate?

Is it:

  • Doodle owners can only mint based upon the doodles they own?
  • After initial period, non-Doodle owners can mint a pukenza based on a randomized color pallete?

Or, will the total supply of Pukenzas be capped by the number of Doodle owners who want a pukenza?

Another way would be that at the beginning, there’s a 1:1 ratio of pukenza:doodles. After the initial mint, Doodle owners could mint additional until the project is sold out.

More of a tactical consideration if/when this gets formally approved!

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