Q1 - Doodles Extended Experience


Expenditures: $7.3M
Founders Contribution: $6.3M
Doodlebank Contribution: $1M

Gross Revenue: $16.05M
Net Revenue: $8.75M

I propose to withdraw 320 ETH (Approximately $1M USD) from the doodlebank to be transferred to a multi-sig wallet operated by the Doodles Founding Team. Funds will be activated ad-hoc to support expenditures around the Doodles Extended Experience (Merchandise, Physical Collectibles, Entertainment, and Performances.)

  • Doodles Core Merchandise Collection, February 15, Online

  • Doodles Capsule Collections, March 12-14, Austin, TX + Online

    • Capsule Collection with Easy Otabor of Infinite Archives
    • Exclusive to Doodles holders only
  • SXSW Live Activation + Performances, March 12-14, Austin, TX

    • Produced by VTProDesign
    • Performances to be revealed over the next weeks
    • Doodles Capsule Collection pop-up
    • Additional exclusive experiences restricted to Doodles holders only
  • Doodles Collectible Vinyl and Bronze Toys, March 12-14, Austin, TX + Online

    • Manufactured by S.K. Lam of AllRightsReserved
    • 14” Vinyl, 16” Bronze, 6’ Bronze
    • Exclusive to Doodles holders only
  • NFTLand, March 22-25, Las Vegas, NV

    • Details TBD


Live Activations + Performances: $2.2M
Merchandise: $5.1M
Total Expenditures: $7.3M

Gross Revenue: $16.05M
Net Revenue: $8.75M
Revenue to Doodlebank: $1M Payback + (5-10%) Net Revenue TBC


Hey up

Is there something specific happening in Austin on March 12-14?
And will there be things that are only available to irl attendees?
I ask as European-based

And to ask a stupid question, but where is the revenue coming from?

Cheers me dears :slight_smile:




Could you share abit more about the revenues?

The extended experiences apply to Doodles holders. So I’m assuming revenue comes mainly from Doodles Core Merchandise Collection?


Hi! I’d like to volunteer as photographer if anyone is needed for Austin. I’m local to the area and was also there in Miami for the last events. Feel free to reach me at the same username on Discord. Thanks! -Dood #141



3 Questions:

  1. how will the toy collection be priced? (just wondering in general terms like high end or affordable)
  2. what is the % distribution of expected gross revenue from each category? (eg: % from core merchandise, vs toys, etc)
  3. What is the time period for these numbers calculated? Eg is expected revenue for Q1 or for the year? Also in the same vein, how long will the core merchandise collection open to everyone be available for?

Doodles takeover 2022!!!


Yeah, if you read the next section, it talks aboust SXSW. That’s South By Southwest, one of the bigger tech/culture events of the year.

This is great. All for it

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Can you expand more on the “Founders Contribution”? Is this purely from you own capital? Or possibly outside investment direct to you? And how are these funds being paid back?

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  1. Wow - first of all, congrats on securing such names in the space. Having a name like Easy Otabor assisting with merch and SK Lam manufacturing the toys is insane. I look forward to welcoming these grails in my house after they’re released.

  2. Will there be a more detailed breakdown of the numbers? If there’s any internal numbers/accounting work the team needs assistance with regarding this project let me know! I am happy to volunteer (ex Big4 accountant).


Holy shit on ARR toys! That’s huge.

Everything else looks unreal as well.


Wow, @tulip putting in WORK.


Hey @tulip @Poopie – absolutely love all that y’all are doing! I’m based out of Austin and work at a leading creative agency (we do production, design, & development). Would love to see if we could help out in any way with helping showcase these events on a global scale and let doodlers from all over enjoy these experiences, especially at SXSW!


Great proposal @tulip

Extremely bullish that you guys have a great net profit estimate and are planning to pay back all funds to doodlebank + 5-10%

I would even go as far as to say since funds in doodlebank are unproductive as of right now we could look at increasing the doodlebank contribution to 500E or 750E so the profit margin returned is even higher, leaves more liquidity in founders pockets.

Just a thought, not necessarily pushing for it

Only call out is that revenue is in $ and bank is paying in ETH so there could be a opportunity cost when receiving the funds back due to ETH price at the time, however this is out of control.


Great questions. I would love to know they answers as well


Would these plans change in any way if the proposal didn’t pass? Different partnerships, different merch, less events, etc.?

When would the revenue be paid back to the Doodlebank? In real time, after a certain date?

Would 320 ETH be returned to the Doodlebank, or $1M worth of ETH at the time of the payback? An opportunity cost is to be considered in either case.

And as others have stated, a revenue breakdown between the categories would be appreciated (if possible without divulging too much sensitive information).

Thank you!

P.S. Looking forward to the merch :+1:


This sounds incredible. The team never stops working behind-the-scenes. All for it.

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Lets have as many doodles support as we can for SXSW and NFTLand

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Can’t wait for Merch. Looks good guys!!

Will the merch be equally distributed globally and not just for doodlers who’ll attend in Austin? Would love to know