Rarible builds a Doodles community marketplace

Doodle ID for Kudos: #1954


I work at Rarible and I’m a Doodler, and I’d like to propose for Rarible to build a full-featured custom NFT marketplace for Doodles on the decentralized Rarible Protocol.

The Marketplace will feature all collections within the Doodles ecosystem (Doodles, Space Doodles, Genesis Box, Dooplicator & any future official collections) & have 0% marketplace fees.

The Doodles marketplace will feature:

  • Fully open source code base and open API, supported by node service providers and Rarible which ensures composability
  • Bids & purchases in $ETH and/or any ERC-20 token the community wishes to trade in
  • Collection-wide offers (aka floor bids) to simplify trading and create feature parity with third party marketplaces
  • Automatically imported listings from Rarible, OpenSea, LooksRare, X2Y2 (+ more marketplaces coming) to guarantee liquidity from Day 1
  • Dedicated customer support via Zendesk & Rarible Discord
  • Filters: ability to explore the collections & filter via Recently Listed, Lowest Price, Highest Price, etc.
  • Collection Stats: options to show collection stats (e.g. Highest Sale, Number of Items, Number Owners, Volume)
  • Activity: option to display historical activity information(sales, bids,…)
  • On-chain order book that enables future integration of orders, bids and offers into any dApp
  • Secure hosting on a doodles.app subdomain or separately purchased domain
  • Capability to add new blockchains supported by Rarible Protocol (Ethereum, Polygon, Immutable X, Solana, Tezos, Flow)

Why: Doodles is a pioneering collection and promises to onboard millions of new users to web3. This is why members of Rarible’s leadership team own Doodles and why we want to help the community grow by creating an integrated trading experience.

Buying and selling Doodles on third-party marketplaces has downsides:

  • Each marketplace takes a fixed transaction fee (2-2.5% on average). These funds are externalities which do not benefit the community.
  • With valuable assets such as Doodles, abuse of reporting features and arbitrary locking of NFTs creates opportunities for censorship and targeted attacks.
  • Dependence on centralized entities creates risks when platforms raise fees, shut down or otherwise stop serving the interests of the project and its community.
    Inauthentic collections can deceive especially newer users into spending money on outright scams.
  • Building an open-source, decentralized, community-owned marketplace which only lists authentic collections alleviates these concerns.

Timing: The proposal will be executed by the Rarible team within 4 weeks time.

Budget: 5 ETH to be reserved for dedicated customer support and future development of the marketplace.



This is simply awesome.

There’s something to be said about shopping for Doodles directly on the brand’s domain, as it provides the future market (Doodles2 prospective customers) a discovery path towards the OG collection.

It’s one of the ways the impact of the Doodles2 go to market could tangibly uplift the OG collection as well without being overt about it

You have my full support!


thanks, @sh0! we are really excited about this opportunity and want to show the Doodles community that we’re here to buidl value alongside them. :muscle:

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This is an excellent idea


thanks, @Sun_Marv for your support! We stay loving the Doods

This is an obvious HELL YEAH!

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you’re the best, @ELstuff! we’re so excited about this opportunity :pray:

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Thanks for the proposal! A few questions:

  • Will the marketplace be able to support simultaneous viewing of doodle and its corresponding space doodle? The current system of “check the id of your doodle on the space doodles opensea page” is cumbersome to say the least

  • You mention:

With valuable assets such as Doodles, abuse of reporting features and arbitrary locking of NFTs creates opportunities for censorship and targeted attacks.

What is Rarible’s stolen item policy? Would items flagged on opensea be shown as such on your marketplace?

  • Will aggregators like gem be able to integrate these listings? I think this is quite important if there is to be liquidity on the platform

great questions, @noohp! answers below:

  • Space Doodles: no, unfortunately not. Per the Space Doodles technical overview (Space Doodles Documentation) you are only allowed to hold a Doodle or a Space Doodle, never both. Engineering a solution to simultaneously pull and showcase token metadata from both contracts isn’t within the scope of this proposal.

  • Stolen items policy: we’re currently collecting feedback to overhaul our policy. We want it to be reflective of the standards of the Web3 space, enforceable, and solution-oriented for unknowing buyers. Items that are flagged on OS don’t currently show any flags in community marketplaces but we can absolutely build this.

  • Aggregators: yes, those listing will be visible in all aggregators showing Rarible’s order book. The Gem integration will be finished soon.

This is awesome. Would love to see this happen. :muscle:

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thanks @villaminium we’ll need your vote soon! appreciate your support :yellow_heart:

Very interesting! I like it!

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thanks so much, @CoolBeets! we appreciate your support