Rarity Doodle game for Discord

I’d like to propose a Rarity game with the Doodles collection for Discord.

1. NFT Rarity Game

This would be a Discord Game that will orchestrate the whole Doodles Rarity Game. The game will have several modes, leaderboard and points system. The Discord bot is one of the advanced ones on Discord and has very interesting game mechanics. The super cool thing is, that the NFT Game that we will create is very engaging and fun the for Discord community. The game creates daily habit of playing and sharing your scores.

  • Single player mode — Every Doodles Discord member will be able to play daily game, where he/she would have to guess which NFT is rarer. There is only 1 game per day and the player would have 10 seconds to make their choice.
  • Multiplayer mode - In this mode, every Doodles Discord member will be able to challenge other server members to play the NFT game on 1 vs. 1 battle. The Discord bot would create temporary server channel, where 2 players would be able to play against each other. After certain amount of time, the channel will be auto-deleted.

2. Social

  • The game allows players to easily share their results on social media like Twitter, Whatsapp groups, etc., and create trending topics. The game can be adjusted to have any hashtag, that the community wants.

3. Demo

The idea of the Doodles Rarity Discord bot will be to extend the daily “gm” and create fun mechanism for the community to play games and get familiar with the Doodles collection.

We have been in crypto since 2017 and are a small team of product and developer guys. We have created 4 successful crypto products and we plan to continue doing so.

Depending on if a proposal could be approved, we believe we could go to market in 10 days.

Budget: Stacks
Total: 9 ETH
Servers: 7 ETH (1 year cost)
Dev work: 2 ETH (Integration, QA, Launch)

The Doodles community is huge and we would have to make sure we have 100% uptime of the game, thus we will use big part of the budget to upgrade our servers to handle the influx of traffic.

I really hope you find our proposal unique and fun. If approved we will be a bit scared, but very excited to create the game.