Sandbox LAND + VX Doodles

Just throwing it out there, I know its not a very “doodley” proposal, but a huge wave of hype is about to go to the Sandbox and VX gaming NFTs

Maybe we could allocate somehow to have like a rainbow doodle land like in the banner, it could be like a happy adventurous and creative space in sandbox. It can also be a doodle marketplace to sell anything to the wider sandbox community for ETH.

We could have a VX mint to go along with it
The VX versions could be a new public mint bringing a whole heap of ETH to treasury, Current Doodle Holders could be entitled to 1 whitelist spot per doodle, leaving a solid portion for public.

Also any transaction completed in our land on sandbox by anyone who cares to visit could have ETH go to treasury.

VX doodles can have half a voting right or none, but should be kept under normal doodles voting rights on treasury


  • hop on the next wave of NFTs
  • VX whitelist spots brings buying pressure to doodle prior to mint.
  • Mint brings in heaps of ETH to treasury
  • 10k more NFTs available for people to get into the doodleverse
  • Sandbox Land holds value and is kept on treasury
  • Sandbox Land marketplace transactions in doodle town can bring in income to treasury

I agree that it would be awesome to have a metaverse avatar of my Doodle whenever the time comes where IRL ends and we all live inside the computer. Not sure how huge a project proposal this is though. Probably a pretty massive undertaking. Also, sidenote - is Sandbox the clear winner? It seems like Doodles art could be easier translated into Decentraland or something not voxel. That being said, if voxel Doodles are a thing I def want a voxel Doodle :laughing:


I really like this idea!

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yes please take my doodle to metaverse haha… this is why a made a post about a token … if you look at what peacevoid are doing/planning it’s incredible.


Love the idea. I am super bullish on the sandbox and VX models!!! Would be awesome secure a good estate and a partnership. Could mint like 20k. Each dood can mint 1 for every dood they hold as a WL spot and the other 10k to public.


Frenz, I’m close to buying my own land on Sandbox, what’s the traction with this proposal?

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Not much traction, no founders haven’t commented anything in regards to it and doesn’t have many likes compared to others… kind of sad cause I actually think this was a well rounded proposal to go off… ticked the box for expanding our brand, encapsulating the next cycle of hype with the metaverse wave and provides ideas to bring in $$$ for our doodle treasury.

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@Bitty I’m also interested in whether Decentraland or Sandbox is the current “winner.” Haven’t been a big fan of Voxel art in the past, but if we can somehow get an example, it’d be cool to see. In a proposal like this, I’m not too sure if looks will matter as much as which current metaverse is doing better.
I’ll have to look into what @Splinter said about Peacevoid regarding a token x metaverse. I want to stay away from a useless token but a combined used with metaverse does sound interesting.

  • If whitelist is 1 slot per doodle, plus an extra 10k to have people enter the doodleverse, This will be a 20k mint? This would be huge and gives a “too early” feel for me, but of course it doesn’t necessarily have to sell out immediately; it’ll have uses regardless.

  • The aspects of who is in the doodleverse, if you only own a VX, only own a Doodles, etc. will be interesting considering you suggest some sort of voting rights. I’m not the biggest fan of expanding voting rights atm.

  • For the whitelisted doodles holders, would we push for 1:1 remake of those doodles you have, or pure randomly generated 20k?

  • Although mint/Land/Land usage will surely recuperate the costs, is there an estimation of how much all of this would cost initially? Land + models + contracts/etc

  • Is there a specific person/process to make VX Doodles, or will we have to look into someone for that?

  • Doodle Town sounds lit but also a cost to consider for a builder.

I think overall, dependent on whether Sandbox/Decentraland is better, this only benefits us. Original costs might be rough, we’d have to consider timing, and hash out details, but after initial pains I expect smooth sailing dependent on the liveliness of the platform.


Thank you @Clout ! I’m not well-versed with Metaverse economics such as land investment, so I can only comment on 1 point:


I believe the metaverse and it’s use cases are upon us. Sandbox’s 40m users and millions more minecraft users don’t lie.

However, my point on timing is I don’t think Doodles is ready for this… yet.

IMO, VR/ metaverse is about experiences. I would argue that simply finding another venue to bonk, hangout or creating exposure for the Doodles brand on the metaverse are weak reasons to get into the metaverse at this point in time.

Wen ready?
When doodleworld/verse experiences are fleshed out (I imagine after we’ve built up some tropes in animation or game). Also what goes into doodleworld? Instead of 20k vx doodles, we might end up with some vx doods, some vx dood pets, some vx dood objects like talking lollipops that all live and breathe in doodleverse.

  1. For example, if I were to build a rick and morty vx world, you can imagine what kind of games and experiences you want: portal gun activity, story train, rick’s toilet bowl.

  2. Sotherby’s experience on decentraland is kind based on an art gallery experience.

  3. A Marvel metaverse land would contain super hero experiences. As opposed to a place to watch short clips of marvel movies.

Our community and audiences will have a genuine brand experience with the vx doodles on the platform when know what experiences ought to be had.