Scribbled Apes - A Derivative

Why did I create this?


I am an initial investor of doodles and own one myself. I fell in love with the art and always wanted to have my own art people can like but never really got started until doodle art just came to mind… Once I started drawing, I just thought this could be a project by itself. Then, before I knew it, I built a small community on twitter and discord very quickly. I am honored for this growth but without doodle support it feels empty in my heart. In summary, I found it fun and was really jealous of how good of a community doodles was. So, I want to bring new people and the doodles community together with this derivative to pay respect to the original project that made this project come to life. Thank you Doodles.

What I Am Seeking
I would like to come open arms to the doodle community and get some support/appreciation. I would like to try my efforts for an ‘Unofficial Doodrivative.’ I would like for this badge to represent that this project’s community is also a friend to doodles. I would also like feedback and any suggestion you may have. I do not have any extraordinary expertise or such. I am just a hard worker, willing to adapt and change in order to achieve progress. If anything is not right, please advise me and I will work my way to change it. I am always open about what I do to the project, so I will always answer openly and honestly.

Transparency - The team consists of 4 mods and myself. I am the artist, manager, and social media management, etc. Mods are just here to moderate chat for me. I plan to create a website and contract myself as well. If complications come along the way, I plan to hire somebody I know who has already knows the ins and outs. The mint will be the usual, presale drop and a public drop with a good time between them both.

Unique Art Style - This project is based around a doodle-styled ape, and of course, doodle-styled traits. Everything was drawn by hand by me. Doodles inspired me to create something adorable like this and create a community just like doodles. Some traits may look similar and some may look different but I will never copy 1 to 1 and just plop it on the ape. That would violate the concept of intellectual property. I try my best to differentiate the traits but still keep the doodle vibe to the best of my ability. I understand derivatives are a gray area, but I hope we can come together and just appreciate the new art being created with the introduction of doodle art.

Do Doodlers Get Anything? - Of Course. At this current stage, I will be taking up to 1,500 doodler owners for whitelist. Any doodle owner can automatically gain Whitelist using the Collab Land Bot. If any issues arise or you are just uneasy about connecting your wallet, you are always welcome to DM me. I know there won’t be enough for everyone but this project only has a supply of 4,999. Whitelisted people will mint at half the public price as well as get their mint reserved, which means no gas fighting. Doodle holders will also gain exclusive giveaways, and airdrops later on after launch.

Brand Safety - In order to pay respect to the original project, Doodles, we have rebranded our name from Bored Doodlez to Scribbled Apes, following all guidelines so far. In order for support to be considered, the changes had to be a priority. I provide info about doodles all the time in chat, as well as clearly state where I got the inspiration from in the FAQ channel. The discord server is open all the time and bots do manage to get in but that isn’t the problem I am worried about. I am worried about the bots getting WL over precious doodle holders and other Real people in the community. So, I plan to do frequent whitelist activity checks, which doodle holders and excluded from, creating more space for more of the doodle community. I believe an open discord welcomes all people who want to join so I believe keep it open is the best choice, even with the influx of bots lately.

Future Plan - There is no set in stone plan as of now. I am a man of transparency, honesty, and all open ears. I am willing to listen to everyone’s ideas like DAOs, Public Meetups for holders, Airdrops, Merch, etc. Other than that, I will still have a treasury, so in case any activities require finance, it can be done. Any ideas are welcomed. For example, if a DAO was what the community wanted, I would take 90% of initial sale and 75% of secondary royalties, investing in whatever the community wants, hopefully doodles :slight_smile:

I have taken the precautions and changed our project name to not utilize the name doodles. I have also taken the precaution to reach out to BAYC and confirm that this art does not infringe any rights of their respective project.

Any suggestions and comments are highly recommended. I will be open-minded and listen to all and anything the doodle community has to say. Thank you all for reading this.




Thank you for resubmitting your proposal according to the guidelines!

I’m surprised there hasn’t been any feedback from the community yet.


  1. Consider engaging the doodlers present in your community to support this proposal. Perhaps they can share what makes your project’s community special.

  2. While everyone loves a WL & free mint, is there a long-term benefit to Doodlebank / Doodles that goes beyond benefitting the present holders?

  3. Art style: I mixed up another doodler’s art project with yours. Perhaps some collaboration can’t hurt especially with the themes being very similar.

3 BAYC-doodles inspired crossover projects that I’m aware of. 1 passion project, 1 unofficial project that’s been riling some feathers and yours.

Congrats on the growth of your community so far.


Thank you so much ayhth. I will cherish this feedback and am willing to hear more :slight_smile: . I am aware of the other projects, which did come after mine, however that is not my main focus. I was not aware of Beutrec’s art until now, will get into contact with him soon, seems like it would be very fun. For the other questions, I will engage my own doodlers in the servers tomorrow in the morning. For the long-term benefits, I could introduce a percentage of initial sale and royalties to the Doodle DAO treasury, helping out the original community that made this project what is is today. For example, I can give 40% of initial sale as well as 75% of secondary royalties as an incentive. As I mentioned before, I will take my community through many steps in order to obtain the support of the doodle community and the all mighty “Unofficial Doodrivative.” So, any ideas and such are all welcomed, I am willing to do everything if my ability allows me to. I will gladly think of other ideas for benefits for doodlers as they are the people that make this project have its charm.


Hey there! I’ve been apart of this community since the start, and I can definitely attest to Pepega’s charisma for what he’s doing and the direction of the project.

I also fundamentally believe derivatives of the Doodle brand can only help strengthen Doodle’s authenticity, as well as the value of being an original Doodle holder.

Even the fact that Pepega is asking for permission here speaks volumes. Most projects will blatantly just try to rip us off.

+1 for the idea - best of luck Pepega!

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I think derivatives are a great way to boost the entire economy of the community and I think it also brings value to other NFTs.

I echo 7215’s response and hope Pepega the best of luck in his endeavors!

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Thank you 7215 and Aceyy. I am willing to give up a lot for this doodle approval and try my very best for this project. So, any suggestions, ideas, spew them out here and I am willing to listen. Thank you guys for your support.


I just became part of this community but this seems like a great project with a lot of transparency already built into it.

I admire the lengths that Pepega is willing to go to get the Doodle community involved here. +1 for the idea as well. Good luck with the project!

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I really love this doodle style ape, hope it will benefit doodle community.

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I’ve just joined this community last week and Pepega’s charisma for what he’s doing and the dedication of the project is through the roof.

Derivatives, imo, can strengthen the Doodle brand and brings value of being an original Doodle holder. It also makes me smile when talented artist like Pepega gets to explore bigger opportunities through the doodle brand.

The fact that Pepega is asking for permission here speaks volumes and I respect that ALOT. Just look at the work Pepega puts in day in day out both in and off discord, and how transparent he is.

Consider lowering the supply and prepare the more collections instead (can be other animals, but still doodle style). We can focus on brand and community build after a successful sell-out, let more people know about your work and release the next collection.
I feel focusing on the artist, art and community will be more sustainable for a derivative than focusing on utilities like DAO etc.


I do love a low supply project but I believe 5,000 is a sweet point. I already decreased supply from 10,000 to 5,000 and decreased mint price, public from 0.08 to 0.06 and presale from 0.05 to 0.03. However, I really do like the idea of creating derivatives of different animals, I think it could be an airdrop after launch. I do love that community builds up around art but like I stated, if people want DAO, or staking, or etc, I’m willing to put in money to make it happen :slight_smile:

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Personally still new to NFT, but i can really see the Pepega really doing a lot of efforts to make this project work. Really do respect and admire his hardwork to make Scribbles Apes a successful project


The community is chilling here. I love to hang around in both doodles and scribbles apes community as the atmosphere is superb.

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The art is beautiful but most importantly is the community. I love to hang in this community. Everyone is helpful and kind to each others.

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I believe that the change in art style was definitely beneficial and is of a higher quality, so I can appreciate that! I think the best benefit is setting out a clear action plan (specific to your future plan section) that the Doodles community can digest and support, will really help bolster your project… Aside from the WL – which I’ve joined, most people are looking to flip for profits (95%), rather than hold the art… While it does help your server having more doodlers, it doesn’t actually incentivize them to stay long term aside from providing them another buying opportunity - I think the best way to provide utility is finding out a way that your project can #1) Stand out from the rest (other derivatives) and #2) Is unique from doodles and their brand, but still has influences of their likeness

But, best of luck!

Chilling in Discord, so I’m excited to see what happens :slight_smile:

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I think the art looks cool. Hope this makes it to snapshot.