Small ETH reward for proposals that get accepted?

Hey Guys!

I was thinking perhaps we can reward those who come up with amazing proposals that get accepted. For example a small ETH reward (0.2) to the champion. This besides the golden check in the discord incentivizes the doods even more to come up with amazing ideas! Doesn’t have to be big either.

What do you guys think?


I honestly like this idea. It would be a nice encouragement and incentive for Doodles to get more active here and make their own proposals. However, 0.2 ETH may be a bit steep after so many proposals get completed. We have to consider the longevity of the DoodleBank treasury. I was thinking somewhere around 0.1 ETH may be more appropriate, in my humble opinion of course.

I agree! I just threw .2 out there as a start. I’m not sure how many ideas will start to get accepted and even .1 is good. It’s a small extra incentive to be active on the forum!

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Can’t agree more. The opinion of @Mr_B is more reasonable. 0.1 ETH is an appropriate encourage for a good idea. I believe doodlers will have many great ideas to be rewarded.

The more I think about it, I don’t really think an incentive is necessary and may end up complicating things.


I agree with @Mr_B .

The team seems to be experimenting first with recognition and seeing how the community mobilizes on it’s own.

Rewards could come, but I feel it should be after the fact and probably up to the team to delight and surprise. Rewards stated up front become incentives and muddles the intention.

Nice thought though @Wesleyvs ! Looking forward to having more discussions over amazing ideas with you.


Agree. @Mushy and I were talking about this and felt that simply getting a proposal through and being recognized - particularly given the giants in our community - is reward enough. It shows that you are an active contributor and also know how to add value, which could result in benefits as a champion down the road.

That could just contribute to a spike in spam proposals or motivate someone to churn out as much proposals as possible to get a reward. Imo doodlebank should be a place where you come and submit something very well thought through that you would like to see come to life, no matter a reward or not.

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