Society of Derivative Apes (SODA) - Doodles Derivative

If you’re reading this, THANK YOU!

Our project, Society of Derivative apes was brainstormed a couple weeks ago by our artists/owners Jingles and 2 Liter. SODA’s owners are married and quickly got to making the art we and our community loves dearly. They quickly brought Liam (Soda Fella) on as our project manager who has years of experience in his field and myself, Drew (FlatSoda) on as developer. Shortly after finding our core team I brought my friend yeti on as a designated backend/smart contract dev.

Main idea:
Our team is looking to bridge the ape and doodles community through the art we worked extremely hard on. SODA has organically created a community of 6k members within 4 days of launching our discord. Not only have we created a space for members to create friendships, but we have created a space for members to feel comfortable talking about their personal lives and seeking advice from our members. In the future we look to continue growing this community and would love to get the doodles community’s seal of approval. Our founders/artists saw a demand for projects such as ours where we can do this the right way through applying for doodlebank, respecting the doodle’s brand, and following the team’s guidelines.

Adding to the doodlebank fund:
SODA is a 10k collection that will have a .04 mint price. Our goal is to be a long standing project that helps elevate the doodles brand so if approved we would hardcode the doodlebank fund’s wallet into the contract and happily give the team 10% of the proceeds and 25% of secondary royalties. We absolutely can change that to the Doodles team’s liking, but as a project that wants to be a long term doodle’s companion we would need to use the funds to continue to build.

How do we benefit Doodle’s holders?
We will happily secure 500 WL spots for the Doodle’s community. There will be a 24 hour WL minting period where each wallet can do 3 mints per tx. Our smart contract dev, yeti, is a genius who has found a way to optimize the smart contract to have as minimum gas as possible. In times where gas is high we want our community to have a fair shot at minting an ape they love.

Will we doxx?
Absolutely, if approved we would doxx days before mint. We have something special planned for that to get our community excited. Our owners Jingles and 2 Liter plan to host a Twitch stream where they share their identities and hang out with the community. We also have a currently private team doxx channel in our discord where each team member has an about me and a photo for the community to learn who they’re betting on.

Unique art style:
SODA is obviously inspired by BAYC and Doodles in which we respect in the highest regards. We wanted to pay homage to both collections while not directly copying either’s IP. Every trait in our collection is hand drawn by the duo Jingles and 2 Liter.

As a derivative we understand we are limited to what we can do as we respect the Doodle’s team and do not want to go against their wishes, which is why we are applying for Doodlebank before progressing any further in our process. We don’t plan to start a DAO or anything of the sorts, but would love to add value to the entire Doodles/SODA community in any way we can. As a project we plan to keep and foster our existing community through keeping the community connected in fun ways. One of the many ideas we have is to create a NFT World Minecraft server for Doodles/SODA holders where they can connect and build something amazing. We understand how important the metaverse is in this space for creating a tight, exclusive community.

How much have we progressed?
As I’ve said, we are seeking the Doodle’s team and community’s approval before progressing any further. It would mean the world to our discord community of 6k people if we went the legitimate route. We don’t want the community to doubt our motives.

Art - 95% done
Website - 90% done
Smart Contract - 80% done
Marketing Plan - currently have not started as we have grown significantly through organic means. Post mint we immediately plan to hire an experienced mind in marketing.

Where do we lack?
I’d say our main weakness is the marketing aspect of things. Our short term success has come purely from the NFT community enjoying the art. If the Doodle’s community allows us to mint we will most certainly have to fill that gap in our knowledge.

I’d like to thank the Doodle’s team for being very open with talking to us and hearing us out. We understand how many cash grabs have scammed others off of the doodle’s style and we would do absolutely anything to be accepted by the Doodle’s team. If you read our entire proposal thank you and we hope we can bring our project to fruition. :slight_smile:


Like this team and project- all for #SODA


I am all for collaboration with new people and reaching out to a wider audience. This sounds like a very sound team that could also benefit us when finding resources for future projects and endeavors.


They’ve definitely managed to create their own unique vibe and community around this project. It is a derivative that in my opinion will only add value to the projects they have taken inspiration from. They are a group that is focusing on building for the long term and creating a space for like-minded people to come hang out and shoot the shit with each other. :heart: :rainbow:


I firmly believe this will be an amazing opportunity for both communities to grow. A bridge, as said in the original post. I hope to see this flourish and be approved by the doodles community!


As an ape & doodle owner I 100% support this project. The art is def really cool & community is great :call_me_hand:t2:


Congrats on the community growth! Seems like some have spoken up for you here.

Sharing the same concern I shared with Scribble Apes: Scribbled Apes - A Derivative

It’s kind of similar and I’m not sure if there are others out there pursuing the same path. Is there a way to collaborate here?

About the project, whats the plan after the mint?

Love this! so excited to be apart of the community

Awesome organic community, amazing growth, unique art inspired by great projects and most importantly positive and skilled team. What is there more to ask for?

Good question! I believe scribble apes had a similar idea around the same time we did. I’m sure there is a way to collaborate. Our owners made the art and released it on twitter with no intention of gaining 3k Twitter followers and 6k Discord members in days. With that being said we would love to continue building our community while elevating the Doodle’s brand. As a derivative we are limited as to what we can do utility-wise, so we will be focusing the project heavily on community based engagement, whether that is in the metaverse, NFT worlds metaverse, setting up gaming teams for events, etc. We will happily engage with the community on what they would also like to see us do.

We appreciate the support! Hoping we get the blessing from the Doodles community. :slight_smile:

We are extremely grateful for your support man, literally all we want is to continuing building our dope community and giving back to the doodlebank.

We are extremely surprised with how much momentum we have gained. Many Doodles in the community who are excited as well :slight_smile:

I do support this project and I think that it would do well in capturing the hearts of Doodles and BAYC members alike. I see that the discord is now closed… No way in for Doodlers like me who are interested in one of the 500 places for doodle holders?

Just came across this! Congrats on getting back up and running. Is it too late to join?

This is a good move. Hope there will be a way of collaboration with scribbled apes because both are super similar in direction.

These look really incredible.

these are dope. how and where can we find you to support?

so aesthetic!! love this project

I’ll be the lone dissenting voice. I don’t like the look. At all. Sorry :grimacing: