Spenc3 - Candidate for Community Rewards Lead

Name / Pseudonym: Spenc3

Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/spenc3_eth

Discord ID: Spenc3#0111

Doodle(s) ID(s): 2006 = My forever Dood :wink: + more to come

Qualifications / Experience:

Web3 : Fascinated with the latest iteration of the web and its numerous components. Specifically on the tech advancement, pseudo commercial liberation, and the potential mass adoption use cases, which can drive betterment within some societies and more immersive and community driven experiences in others or within the same.

Been an active observer and learner since 2021. Focus on the positives and the potentials, while recognizing limitations and trade-offs

Regularly consume content via Twitter, Spaces, Discord and other platforms and publications

Supported a web3 native company on an NFT pitch for end-to-end management, with my contribution on the business model and marketing.

Working on a web3 platform solution, identified the market opportunity, the product, brand positioning, Brand Vis ID and input to the UX & UI

Spearheaded our enterprise Web3 journey within my Web2 role, which included Landscape Assessment, Vision & Strategy, Learning Series to marketing cross-functionals, and a Playbook.

Web2 : I’m an authentically passionate and grit driven Strategic Leader with a history of Brand Building and hunger for testing, while embracing an evolving consumer ecosystem. Have had a rewarding career across 4 CPG organizations including three Fortune 500 corporations.

I’ve managed and lead the full marketing spectrum including upstream and downstream marketing, while focusing on a multitude of consumer targets demographics. Have been on the forefront of emerging technology and trends, and tapped into these touchpoints and brand experiences, to deliver against brand strategies.

A few highlights include early days social media ‘CSR campaign, the first Virtual Pop Store in Canada (Shoppable Shelf with QR codes), enabling eCom Content Management across organization, establishing enterprise DTC platform and a new portfolio lifestyle content hub to deliver against our data ambitions.

My career journey has led and shaped me to work effectively with cross-functionals and establish healthy & mutually beneficial outcomes for all parties including external partners. Through clarity on objectives and expectations, this has led to successful activations across multiple channels and touchpoints.

Outside of my core career, I have been a youth soccer coach for 6 years and have served as a Board Director at a not-for profit for 3 years.

I currently oversea a team of 16 individuals including an inhouse Creative & Design Studio, Digital Marketers and Brand Leads.

Why are you running for the Community Council ?

Although I’m relatively new to the dood fam (Sept ’22), I fully value and appreciate the essence of Doodles, the teams’ ambitions and the community’s passion and belief.

I see and at the core feel the potential of this Brand to bridge Web3 to Web2 and grow into a sustainable Billion Dollar Entertainment Brand. This means that the Brand’s ecosystem will deliver against the identified needs of their ‘Web3 Native’ Brand Ambassadors and their expanded consumer targets.

I’m confident I can play an impactful role towards this ambition, based on my experience, proven track record, general positive, “can-do” attitude and ability to breakdown barriers to build cohesive working relationship and healthy rapports (cheese factor up, but honestly there’s a reason why I secured my happy dood)

Any supplemental information (documents, links, etc.):
I had fun working on this packaging redesign with my agency partner a few years ago.
Yes it delivered against the objectives and the results were strong, however it also happens to be a reflection of my personality and pushing the boundaries. This is 1 of 6.

Will supply CV to the team, along with additional reference material.

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I know you’re certainly aligned with the team vision, so best of luck!

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In preparation for Doodles Sesh #5, here’s my platform…

Platform – ‘Rainbow Burst’
Centered on 2 connected ideas:
i) We are the Rainbow, we are more radiant and magnetically contagious as a united group
2) Our ‘Burst’ impact is amplified, as we actively expand the Doodles IP across touch-points & pillars, and our networks, to unlock opportunities and supercharge our Brand World

Rewards Roadmap
OG Rewards

  • Utility centered on community building, inclusivity, awareness driving (both Web3 & Web2), physical and digital experiences
    i.e ‘Mr_C’’s VIP concert experience, Local Doodles meet ups with “standard” props, content creation guidelines and piecing these events into an endless panorama world, a pass it forward experience
  • Amplify these experiences with the right partner fit and added value to holders
  • Provide tools for IP monetization and consistent and immersive community led experiences
  • Doodles Toolkit to drive consistency and turnkey elements to events. Create consistent and repetitive sticky comms, look tone and feel on equity, and entertainment levers i.e. Doodle branded icebreakers, simple games, playlist anthems, boardgames etc.
    Doodle ecosystem holders
  • Include holders of other Doodle assets in the above rewards at a scale back level. Entice them to trade up for full rewards experience
    Inputs into existing Roadmap
    Dood Voice
  • Actively engage community with ‘Listening Sessions’ to gather feedback and represent them
    Referral & Loyalty Program
  • Identify a model and reward system for Doodle2 onboarding & education

More about me?
Just ask and I’ll provide a response